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Dream Tubes

Hi-just listened to Chris Evans on Radio 2 and they had an article on the show about a product called Dream Tubes-think its a new product helping toddlers make the transition from cot to bed. Wondered if anyone had any experiance of them? Beginning to think about moving little man(19months old) from cot to bed and wondered if anyone knew if they are worth a go.Web page is


  • Hi
    I had a look at the website and I like the idea of it.I already have a bedguard from my son so not sure I can justify the expence.! But it looks good much more cosier than anything else I have seen.

  • I bought some from Jojo maman bebe, an they arrived today. they look ok, but i wont be using them for another couple of weeks yet as Ollie has only just had the cot sides taken off and our bed is higher than a usual bed from the floor so were taking things easy....

    they are expensive, but they feel nice! Its a start..... :lol:

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