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Done something stupid HELP!!!!

Please HELP ME!!!!

Ok deep breath...

I have been taking preg tests since i found out i am preg..

I've cooled off since the 28/01/09 which is when i did my last FRER test which was very very dark also had my hcg done that day..

Today just for the helloff it i thought "oh i've got 1 left think i'll poas" and the line isnt quite as dark!!

Now i afreaking outthinking something is going wrong,i a 4+4 today.


xx xx


  • Glad I'm not the only one who did numerous tests! In fact I found one test the day before my 12 week scan and thought might as well take another for the hell of it and the line was very very feint, much feinter than any of the others I took. God that was a sleepless night if ever I had one. I think you're better off ignoring how dark/light the line is as a line is a line regardless. x
  • Its fine, its still positive. Shade will vary on concentrate of your pee. Depends on time of day, what you have been drinking etc!

    Don't worry. Stop doing tests tho, wont do you any good getting worked up. Congrats on preg, have happy and healthy 9 months! xx
  • Thanks Ladies

    I really got myself into a frenzy there!!

    The line is still darker then the control line,but it totally freaked meout!!

    Also took pics ofthe together and really its barely noticeable,think the line is a bit thicker on the earlier one more then darker.

    I had a chem preg in sep so soooooooooo scared something will go wrong.

    xx xx

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  • Mine were still faint at 16 weeks dont worry everything will be fine. Now you wont have to spend money on tests anymore you can put it all towards your baby xxxx
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