Told everyone except work

I have told my family and OH family. I am 6 weeks tomorrow and are going to tell our friends this weekend, I know it is early but lots of our group have had children and it will be really nice to discuss things with them...............

did anyone else tell everyone early on?

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  • yeah me!!!!!!!!!!!
    the day i found out i was pregnant i told my family i was just sooooooooo happy about it.

  • I am 5+6 today and I have not told a sole and it is killing me!!!! Yesterday one of my best friends at work told me he was going to be a Dad again and was due in September! I was screaming inside I am pregnant too!!!! But OH is insistant we wait until 12 weeks which I kind of agree with as it supposed to be past most of the danger zone but its so far way. I would really like to have a scan pic to show everyone aswell but I just want to share my news with the world.
    I really think it is down to personal choice when you tell people there is no right or wrong time as I believe what will be will be.
  • We told my parents and hubbys mum and I told my best friends but we didn't announce it officially until after we'd had our 12 week scan. I was too nervous to do it any sooner in case anything went wrong. I did tell my boss at 6+6 though after I had a small scare and was seen at the EPU, in case I needed more time off.
    Enjoy telling everyone, its a magical feeling and just increases the excitement xx
  • We told our parents at about 7 1/2 weeks, and I told my work early too due to having to go for early scans (history of ectopic). Then we told a few friends and made the official announcement after my scan at 13 weeks

    13+5 x
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