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could this be AF???

Hiya just wanted to pick a few brains to be honest. I had a mmc in Dec, found out at 12wk scan and opted for an ERPC which i had on Jan 5th, 2 weeks after ERPC the bleeding/discharge stopped and i thought i was having af two weeks later (starting sat 31st) but it's just so strange, i had a lot of cramps week before it started, and put my hands together saturday when i thought it was finally here, but its really light (although enough for a panty liner) sorry for TMI but its like a light browny coloured discharge (no stramge smell) just dont know whether to class it as first af or more bleeding from ERPC, what do you reckon? Your help is really appreciated! xx


  • Hi I haven't reached this stage yet. But I always thought the first day of af is red blood. So I'm thinking either the red blood is on it's way, or this isn't af (obviously that's no help at all!)

    As you have had a break from bleeding following the erpc, I'd give it a day or two to see if you get red blood. Then see your dr, as long as you have no pain or anything. Hope that helps. xx

  • Hi thanks for the replies, since saturday it's been on and off dark and light brown (somtimes pinkish red but only when i wipe), virtually nothing today! So no substantial 'red blood' as of yet. Its so confusing! No we havnt been ttc although have bd twice since ERPC, not even sure when or if i ovulated, would be lovely for it to have been implantation how soon can you test afterwards implantation?
    Probably right though just my body taking its time to get back to 'normal' grrrrrrr!!! xx
  • Implantation is usually about 7 days post ov. So you could test in another 7ish days. Does depend on how long an LP you have on average though. xx

  • I know this thread is from years ago but hoping maybe you (or someone else) will reply anyway. I had a two week long implantation bleed with my first pregnancy (unfortunately mc at 6 weeks in August) I am in a similar position to you plum, waiting for AF but currently it is much more like my implantation bleed from last time. Been to see doc and waiting to get results on Thursday!

    Anyone else had experience of such long implantation bleeds?
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