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Hi girls

Hubby and I are thinking of having a gender scan done at 16 weeks I know there is a chance we still wont know but I also think as we had such a rubbish 12 weeks one it would be nice see baby again and get some more scan pics.

Has anybody had this done at Baby bone we had our 9 weeks scan with them and they were wonderful?

K xx


  • Hiya honey, I am having my first scan with baby bond tomorrow, we are def having gender scan with them at 16 weeks, they lady on the phone said that they can be over 99% accurate, she said if the babies legs are crossed etc then you can come back for free until they find out. they claim this on thier website also 'Babybond Gender Scan Accuracy is
    Currently at >99%*
    * based on actual client data sample of 15,939'

    My first scan is with them tomorrow, I will be 7 weeks exactly, I dont know what im expecting, a marching band? a plane that circles spelling out in smoke 'akaLadyK is expecting'? haha a little blob with a flicker of a heartbeat but that is all I want to see, I am so excited I havent been able to sleep all week!!

    So yes I 100% will be getting a 16 week gender scan.
  • Thank you darling, we have emailed them so just waiting for an app date I am very excited I just want to see little beanio again if I am being honest.

    I loved my app with baby bond they were very nice and tok the time to tell me what was what and we got some great pictures. I was about 9 weeks so couls see a leg and stuff you will get to see the heart beating though and they even let us listen to it which was out of this world.

    Your love it.

    K xx
  • I cant wait until my gender scan on 23rd Feb, we dont have a baby bond in Brighton but the company we use are great and the lady said she cant guarantee we will see what it is but they have never had one that they havent been able to see.

    I'm so excited about finding out what it is, some people say that they'd rather wait but my boss said that knowing what his boy was made the baby into a real person. Its all we talk about in our office I must be driving everyone insane!

    How are you feeling now?

    Georgie 14+4 xxx
  • we had a gender scan with babybond at 16 weeks, it was great. but with us they made us have the scan at 16 weeks and 3 days just to make sure they could tell. we could not have the scan at 16 weeks exactly. we got loads of great pics to. and we have now booked our 4d scan, i am so excited! i say go for the gender scan hun.
  • I am feeling ok still rough have a nice cold now so just resting still and still feeling sick.

    It does make me mad when I get people going why are you find out the sex your making the birth less special.

    I think thats rubbish its each to their own and I think I would be so blown away with having this baby and meeting them for the first time the sex would get over looked for me to be honest,

    I would like to know what we are having so I can pick the names we like and just know what we will be bring home.

    Still waiting for the email to come through, I bet he 23rd cannot come fast enough for you.

    K xx
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  • No less than two weeks now and ill know whether ive got a pink or blue bump, Ill also know whether we need to continue our little argument about boys names for the next 6 months lol. The girls name is pretty much sorted. Ill also be able to buy clothes and choose the colour of pram etc. Im going to be unbearable on the monday as the scan is at 6pm after work. Ill be 16+3 then.

    Im sick of people saying im sure its going to be a ..... and saying I kow what your having. Its bollox, if I dont know they sure as hell dont lol

    Hopefully you will have your scan at around the same time so we can see if we were right on that chart we filled in months ago on here. I think the chinese wotsit came out with mine being a girl.

    14+4 xxx
  • We had a gender scan on Sat (not at baby bond as not one local to me) It was amazing! We are having a boy and it was very obvious from the start! The only downside was the DVD that we paid for only recorded for less than 5 mins not the 10 we were supposed to get. Hubby contacted them and they have invited us back again this Sat to repeat it for free!!! So i get to see my little man again in a few days time!

    I had my scan at 18 weeks and you can really see everything clearly.

    Katstar xxx
  • I am having mine at 18 weeks. The lady from babybond told me it was better to have them at 18 weeks as there was a better chance of seeing, but going from what you ladies are saying I think I may call and see if i can get booked in next week as I will be 16 weeks on Friday.

    I cant wait to find out what I am having.

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