My hubby!

Bless him, he's so lovely and sweet. He's so happy and excited about baby Angus and he's looking after me so so well!!!

Last night he said to me there is NO way we are finding out the sex of Angus at our next two growth scans. He feels quite left out from baking the baby, of course because he can't do anything in that respect can he? - so he said the one thing he desperately wants is to tell me whether its a boy or a girl when Angus is born - he said it so sweetly but also very firm! I can't deny him that can I???!!!

So to also make him feel involved, I have given him the responsibility of purchasing the remaining baby items we need... here is his list!!! Do you reckon I will get everything I need to my exact requirements?!?!?! LOL

Joo xxx

- Playmat / baby gym. Ideally something bright and colourful, black & white, red & yellow are good colours apparantely.
- Baby bouncer. Not too huge! Vibrate feature is good, as are different recline positions if you can get them.
- BT 150 baby monitor. I think Amazon is the cheapest.
- Braun thermometer 4520 thermoscan and again, Amazon is the cheapest.
- Baby sleeping bags. You will need to research the kind of tog (thickness) to get, the gro-bag website is useful apparantely.
- Non slip bath mat (or selection of colourful mini bath mats / pads), but might not be essential until baby is older.
- Sleepsuits (long-sleeved with feet) in 0-3 months, 3-6 months and a couple in newborn / up to 9lbs baby.
- Baby-gros (the short sleeved, short legged ones), a few in 3-6 months.
- Jacket or cardigan.
- Another pair or two of pram shoes / booties (soft squidgy shoes)
- Cot sheets, cream, suggest another couple of these.
- A couple more hats
- Socks!!! Poor Angus will get cold feet as I've not bought any!!! GAP are good apparantely.
- 1 more cellular blanket in cream or white.
- Additional changing mat in cream, must be totally plastic covered though, not material
- More muslin cloths from ASDA (another 6 or so)
- Small travel kettle for boiling up water to wash baby with (can't use wipes for the first few weeks, just cotton wool and water, good luck on that tar nappy dude!!!). Could ask Karen if she's finished with hers now Adski is on normal milk???
- Lansinoh nipple cream.

Research jobs...
- Need to think about food shopping nearer the time for some snacks and water etc. to take into hospital.
- Can you also do some research on a TENS machine for me? It's another form of pain relief and I think you rent them for a couple of weeks before & after your due date.
- Nappy rash cream - can you research this a bit as I read on baby expert that the -shop bought' creams aren't that good and they suggested alternatives. I'll try and find the post and copy the link for you.
- Check we have enough non bio washing powder! If not, add to the Costco shopping list!


  • that was soooooo sweet of him my hubbie said the same so we both have darling hubbies yeah,

    thats some list !!!! but its a great idea as it will make him feel like his part of it. i might pinch that idea LOL.

  • Oh your hubby sounds lovely, can we swap image

    It will be such a special moment when you find out the sex and I love that he now has jobs to make him feel included too!

    Our nurseries are going to be so similiar, we have the very same BT monitor and the thermometer too, both purchased from Amazon!!

  • Bless, how sweet! Andy doesn't want to know the sex of this one for the same reason!
    Just a quick word of advice honey-when Rhys was born, he was 7lbs 12 1/2, and newborn stuff still swamped him. We had to buy the next size down-early or tiny baby-for him for his first couple of weeks, and it was a good few weeks before he fit in 0-3 stuff, so may be worth investing in a couple of smaller suits just in case-you could always take them back if they're too small!
    Carly 19+6 xxx
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