he did it!!

mornin ladies, hope you are all ok and got fab pressies.

i just wanted to share that fin has slept for 12 hours through the night. from gettin him in a routine at bout 9 weeks. we had been gettin him up bout 11ish to give him his last bottle. well last night we dropped this bottle and he still slept til 7!! he seems to be stayin awake more through the day now which is fab - more playtime. im so proud of my ds. oddly iv just had to put him back down for a nap as he was shattered. anyone know if this is normal?



  • yey! woohoo! well done fin - now tell my 8 month old how to fdo it pleeease!!

    not sure about the nap tho hun, could be hes finding himself a new routine for the day? xx
  • I found exactly the same when DD started sleeping through. She'd wake at 7am have bottle and a play and then want to go straight back to sleep for a couple of hours - enjoy!
  • glad this is normal - was startin to worry he was goin through that teenage, i want to sleep all the time 13 years to early.lol.brandollaz - i found strappin him to the bed, blindfoldin and gaggin him was effective.lol. i think we have been so lucky with fin as hes always been a good sleeper - i have no idea where he gets it from-daddy is still in bed.lol. xxx
  • I read that the more sleep they have the more sleep they need. My lo sleeps 7-7 with a bottle about 11 and is always wanting to go back to bed by about 8.30am x
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