Please help- bf baby refusing bottle.

Hi, Evie is 6 and a half weeks old and I have bf from about a week old ( fed EBM from a cup in hospital and a bottle from day 5). She has been having about 2/3 bottles of EBM a day and then I bf at night. But shes started refusing bottle and gets really upset when we try it, Ive tried it, so has husband and its awful! Feel like Im depriving her of what she wants but need her to have it sometimes if I'm out. Has anyone got any tips to help please? Can I try anything other than a bottle or is it too early?

Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Hi

    really she is too young for anything else, you cld syringe feed her but its a lo of work.

    is the EBM warm enough? milk from the boob is quite warm so it may be that she doesnt like bottle as milk too cold.

    Have you tried different teats? or try and feed her 15mins before feed is due, sometimes if they are too hungary they refuse bottle

    good luck

  • What i did with my son was.....while feeding him on the breast i had a closer to nature bottle with my milk in it at hand and about a min or so after him latching on i'd pull him away and put the bottle there straight away so he could still smell me but was sucking the bottle.

    Took a couple of goes but worked for me

    Good luck hun

    Lisa xxx
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