Morning at Hospital

Well I had my 16 weeks check up at the midwife today heard babies heartbeat which was great. I had protein in my urine and my blood pressure was slightly high so I was sent to the hospital to be checked out.

I was given a scan to make sure baby was ok, baby is fine growing at the right rate.

They are going to keep an eye on my urine and BP over the next few weeks especially since I am having really bad headaches too.

At the scan I asked if they could tell the sex (coz I have a gender scan on Sat morning) she had a look and said up until about 18 weeks they all look like girls, so I'm not sure what to do about my gender scan on Sat. Has anyone been told its been a boy before 18 weeks

AnneMarie xxx


  • u can have gender scans from 16 weeks. a friend on mine miscarried at 14 weeks and they cud tell it was a girl. so i think u should be fine.. maybe the person doing the scan didnt feel that she could tell or wasnt qualified too tell sex of baby.. xx
  • She did say at the moment it looks like a girl but she wont like to say because all babies looking like girls until about 18 weeks.

    I'll go along on Saturday and if they are unsure they will call me back

  • Sorry to hear your BP is playing up, i hope it settles for you!
    I had a scan at 17 weeks with my son and even i could see he was a boy! The sonographers at the hospital rarely say one way or the other for definate, i don't think they're allowed to in case they get it wrong and get sued!!! Good luck for sat! xx
  • I think I'll be having another little girl then. I dont have long to wait thankfully

  • I am also having a gender scan at babybond, they say the have a 99.7% success rate out of 15,000 is how they make thier money, as they are private thier machines are also prob better (more detailed).

    My next door neighbour had a bleed at 14 weeks and was told the sex at that scan (she was private).

  • Awww bless, i've just found out i'm having a girl, have 2 boys already so have had fun buyinglots of pink things! Will you be happy either way or would you like a little boy? I never though i was bothered either way, but i must admit i do feel very happy that i am having a girl, i've done thomas and football, now i get to do dollies and nail varnish!! Lucky me to get the best of both worlds lol xx
  • Oh babe hope you are ok, sorry to hear about your BP but at least they are keeping an eye on you.

    Thats rubbish you can tell from 16 weeks as long as they do not have their legs crossed a friend got told she was having a boy at 16 weeks and he was image

    K xx
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