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Weeks or months?

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I know most of us count our pregnancies in weeks and tomorrow I will be 28 weeks! Some people would say that means I'm 7 months pregnant (thinking along the lines of an average of 4 weeks a month) but that would make a pregnancy 10 months long! As I am due on the 15th May I can't really say I'm 7 months pregnant until the 15th March - what do you all do/think? x


  • i work in weeks! gets too confusing in months! xx specially if u say to someone im 6 months they are like oh so ur due may and its like no june! sort of thing.. but 40 weeks is 10 months....

    just stck with weeks thats what the mw and docs use! xx
  • I say it in weeks mostly, but when I hit the "24th" of a month, I do say it in months at that sort of time! i.e. I'll be 7 months on 24th of February!

    Joo xxx
  • i always say it in weeks, and that way it changes more often so time seems to go by that little bit faster
  • ooh, that means i'm technically 7 months pregnant already, i didn't think i would be untill monday.
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