best pregnancy tests?

hello ladies, I am not pregnant yet but wanted your advice. How good are the CBD tests? I use the cheap dipstick ones from access diagnostics which have a sensitivity supposedly of 10mIU. Do you think the CBD are better than these? i might get some to play with while they are on offer!!

thanks image


  • Hi I used CBD and thought they were great because it spells it out pregnant or not pregnant, Also there CBD with conception indicator was great too! x
  • i just used a sainsburys cheapie hun i think cbd are good if your testing once your late i have just moved over from ttc been there 5months and from what i have heard over there cbd aren't that sensitive so if your planning on testing early stick with the cheapies good luck xx xx

  • Hi i used tesco own brand with my first pregnancy and got the right result and this time round used asda on the first day my period was due and got a very strong posative straight away! asda also say you can test up to 4 days befor i personally think cb should be better but have had no probs with the cheaper ones good luck xx
  • i got a lot of cheapy ones from ebay and the second line showed straight away and i tested a few days before af was due, after taking that test a few times (to make sure it wasnt fautly) i went and got a cbd because i wanted to see it in words before id believe it....although im nearly 29 weeks pg now and sometimes i still cant believe im acctually pregnant! good luck
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