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serious tmi... Blood in poo

this is really worrying me.. But its not harry - its me! I don't think i've got piles as not got anyother symptoms really. But there's a lot of blood! I'm so paranoid! Help! Xxx


  • Could be internal piles or an anal fissure (tear). Do you have pain when straining? Is the blood bright red? Are you constipated? Whatever, you should make an appointment at your docs first thing.
  • Hi, i dont really thinki can help but didnt want to r&r... i read assuming it would be lo, and with babies it can indicate an intolerance to something... but not sure in adults. Sorry! xx
  • Make an appointment to see your dr first thing in the morning.

    Don't leave things like this cause they're embarassing, please get it checked out to make sure it's nothing sinister.

    Take care...xxx
  • Just tried to post and nothing there....grrrr!
    Anyway what I did put was that it could be internal piles or a fissure/tear in the anus. Do you have pain when straining, birght red blood and constipated? If so it's most probably one of them but you should make an appointment at your doc's first thing.
    hth xx
  • Just to add I've had both. I had a tear a couple of years ago as i suffered with constipation. I did go & see my doc who did have to wear a rubber glove and have a look (male as well). I was in so much pain and glad I went. Going for a poo was almost worse than childbirth (like pooing thru razorblades - ouch)!! I got some suppositories and cream. They worked within a couple of weeks and I've not had any trouble since (other than pushing a big pile out whilst giving birth)!!
    Just thought I'd post that even though it's a bit embaressing just to show you it's worth going to the docs to get it sorted. xx
  • thanks ladies. Its bright red but no pain and not constipated. Will ring first thing tomorow morning. How vile :-c
  • Hey during pregnancy i was constantly bleeding from my bottom, due to an anal fissure, loads of blood the bowel would be covered, I panicked so many times I had misscarried when I looked in the bowl and saw the amount. Im booked in in 3 weeks to have it sorted, however I am preggers again so itll have to wait 7 months lol!
  • Mrs Takers - use the cream it really does soothe you! Using the suppositories was the worst for me. Esp when I didn't push them in far enough and when I stood up out it popped into my knickers. Pushing it in again after that was not nice! Funny - but not nice!!
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