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Night Waking

Hi guys, its my first post on here and i need some help!

Our little Jacob is 21 weeks old and still on formula. He used ot sleep very weel, he is having 5 feeds a day as per the Cow & Gate box of about 6-7oz time. He goes to sleep about 8.30pm ish and then I wake him up for his last feed of hte day at 10.30pm. He then used to go through til about 8.00am. However, since the middle of January and for no apparently reason, he has now started waking up 2/3/4 times a night. He sometimes just needs his dummy putting in. THe thing I noticed most though was (he had cradle cap but this has cleared up and just left dry skin now) that he goes for his head and his face, rubbing them with his scratch mits and I think that this is what is waking him up?? I have been to the docs a number of times who have said that all we can do it put olive oil on - I also put sudocream on it as he has baby eczema on a few patches on his body! SOrry yto ramble but I've now gone back to work and on the days my husband has to watch him (he has much less patience than me) he is threatening to feed him if he wakes up so that he goes back to sleep!! I can;t allow him to get back into that routine again!

Not sure what ot do - he is in his cot bed and we have just started sleeping in the other room, so he is on his own, but i sometimes sleep in the same room as him. Often at about 4am I have ot take him into bed with me just so I can get some sleep! Help!


  • It's hard isn't it? I think you've done very well not feeding him in the night but perhaps he is getting hungry as he approaches weaning age. Could you try just 1 feed to see if he then goes through again?
    If it is excema itching then perhaps it's the temperature / humidity in his room?
    Good Luck x
  • Some LOs just rub at their face when they are tired and fraustrated that they have woken up. It could be that he is becoming hungrier as weening age gets closer though as Camlo has said. Could try increasing the amount in his last bottle to see if this helps. Or the good old bottle of water instead of the feed.

    Hope things get sorted soon.

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