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extra large nursing bras?

Ok I went to put on my favourite bra yesterday only to find it was cutting off my circulation!!!!
That bra is a GG and its the size I was in before I got pregnant,

I am due in 3.5 weeks now and in dire need of some nursing bras, does anyone know where I can get nice (non expensive) nursing bras in say HH/I cups?

I am having no luck image



  • My friend had this problem however she is cup size N (biggest in uk!) Because she has such large boobs she was unable to breast feed so expressed all the time. She was unable to find a nursing bra anywhere and was told at the time that they make them no bigger that size F for some strange reason so she was stuck with normal bras which she actually needed for support anyway. I little tip though is to put cabbage leaves in your bra when you have bigger boobs as they swell and she found that this really helped as it takes down the swelling some how!
    I tell you now there is money to be made in bigger nursing bra's and cheaper maternity coats!! can't find neither anywhere!!
  • i dont know about too cheap but bramissivo do them x
  • Hi Lucretia
    Sorry to butt in from TTC.
    Have you tried Bravissimo (online), I get all my bras from there (i'm FF) but they do have some that go up to J. are good, don't have much choice but coudl help.
    Hope that helps
  • Yep try Bravissimo, they do one with adjustable cups and I think they go up to a J. x
  • hi there i am a g cup and am still successfully breastfeeding my 9 1/2 mth old so dnt let size put u off!! i got nursing bras in a g cup in mothercare but dnt think they go any bigger.As others have said try bravissimo or figleaves.There are quite a few online stores.Also one does underwired nursing bras which i liked the prospect of having a larger breast!! xxx
  • Hi ladies
    I have also been having this worry but I am still a bit off nursing bra. I go to an independent bra shop (have done for years where you are not allowed to buy anything unless they say it fits you!) and I noticed they had Freya nursing bras. They are not cheap (but bras in a size G never are) but look nice and this is the brand I normally get.
    Clare xx
  • I got my soft cups from this web site (I tried on in Allders before but didnt quite have my size) when I was first pregnant and will get my nursing bras also from here - the service has been good so far and I have ordered twice so far

  • hi, john lewis stock quite a good range of nursing bras in big sizes, especially the royce ones. they'll also try you in as many as you need to make sure you have the right size. x
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