Mouth ulcers

Morning ladies

I have got a really big and painful mouth ulcer - is it ok to use over the counter treatments?
Should I do anything different?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, just wasnt sure!


  • i kept getting them at around 20 weeks and had 4 huge ones at one point chemist wouldnt let me have bojella or anbesol without a prescription and the doctor wouldnt give me one either said take parecetamol although i wonder why as bonjella is for babies anyway sorry im not much help really
    claire x
  • hi ya i had 1 last weeks and i used anbasol and it was great i swore by it xxx
  • i used a bit on bonjella today, but then got worried as wasnt sure i could use it!
  • Pop to your pharmacist, they will recommend what you can and can't take, always ask to be on the safe side
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