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Heartbeat low down on doppler at 29 weeks - baby head down?


Through the doppler my babes heartbeat is really low down. Until now baby has been transverse. I Just wondered if this could mean the baby has now gone head down? I know its difficult to say but just wondered if anyone had any personal experience

Katy 29+1


  • Hey hun, i'm not sure really, by baby is breech and i still get the heartbeat quite low, ie under my belly button. Where are you feeling the most movement? I think this is a better indicator of where the baby is. My movement is all really low down!
  • Hi hun

    Thanks for replying, im feeling movement all over really! I tend to feel the little niggly, jerky feelings low down but big movements where my whole belly does a mexican wave are more up top, well above belly button. Perhaps this means feet are up top causing big movements, or maybe hes still laid across?!

    Im not worried, i know he has plenty of time to budge- just curious more than anything!

    Thanks again, Katyx
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