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Food and milk... again

Hey people Im worried YET AGAIN about davids grub and milk

Today he hasnt had more than 4 oz at a time, and thats with me basically force feeding him, hes had 17oz all day, hes 5 months.

He had 4oz in night, 2 with brekkie (apple and pear puree today)
3 randomly at 11
a petit filous for lunch and 1 oz
4 at 3
dinner of 1/2 jar and spoonful of yoghurt and 4oz

its driving me insane, is he getting enough fluid on only 17oz? Im sure hell have had 20 before bed but is that enough?? AHHHH


  • Sounds fine hun, I'm going to say try not to worry but I know how hard it is! I worry about Alf all the time whether he's eaten enough or too little then his milk. Part of our job isn't it? x
  • Charlotte has always been fussy with milk and she would only have about 15-20oz at 5 months. Don't worry he'll be fine. He's having yogurt's in the day as well so that's classed as dairy which adds to his daily amount.
  • cheers ladies xxx he seems to grow on air lol!!
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