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mummy tummy after 2nd baby

A depressing topic i know, but i cant stop thinking about what im going to be left with after the birth so thought id ask you lovely ladies to prepare myself. after my 1st i only had stretch marks on my legs which i really cudnt care less about and after a few months my belly went back down to normal and was fairly flat, flat enough for me to wear a bikini.But this time ive put on more weight and the bottom of bump is covered in stretch marks, was wondering if it is ever possible to have that flat tummy back again and to reduce stretch marks? im dreading never being able to go out and feeling confident about myself. i know its really shallow and i should be lucky to have children but i cant help it and im now worried that ill be left with a monster belly which will make get pnd or something.

sorry for a long post about crap but needed to write it down somewhere as its getting me down image

Hannah 35 wks today xx


  • I think I still look pregnant 10 months after having 2nd baby, it's quite depressing as I never had a fat tummy in my life (apart from baby bumps). It's kind of a bit crinkly too and got loads of strechmarks at bottom of tummy and round hips :cry: Let's put it this way, I think my bikini wearing days are well and truly behind me!

    Hope that didn't sound too scary but you wanted honesty! Saying that, my mum has had 4 kids and has a much flatter tummy than me so I think it depends as well on your build and how you carry your baby. My bumps were both enormous so I'm not suprized they did some serious damage!

  • My second is 6 month now and i'm back in my size 10 trousers! I know people that have had a few and look like they've never had any!

    You'll be fine

    Lisa xxx
  • Faye is my first and I have lots of stretchmarks at the bottom of my tum, when I was pregnant they were right underneath my bump so I thought I had none untill I used a full length mirror in a changing room!!! image

    They don't really bother me, I'm not a bikini person anyway so no-one sees them but me and hubby! My tummy wasn't really flat to begin with so not much I can do about that, but I think it's gone back to the way it was

    Like Katie not seen you on here for ages!!
  • im now pregnant with baby number 3 but after grace(dd2) i lost all my weight alot quicker than after holly (dd1) i didnt get any new stretchmarks but unfortunatly i was covered in them from holly and they rnt very pleasant!! Although i went back down to pre pregnancy size and weight and was back in my jeans when grace was 2 weeks old i have a wobbly tummy and wnt be wearing a bikini in any hurry!! i dread to think what il look like after this pregnancy but at the end of the day its so wrth it for what the outcome is!Im sure you will be fine try and focuz on your little bundle that ul soon be meeting!! xxxx
  • thanks girls, you have put my mind at ease. think im just worrying over something silly really, stupid preg hormones lol
    MrsT i also thought i was going to escape them untill i saw them in a big mirror, i was truely horrified that there was so many and i didnt have a clue about them lol
    image thanks again xx
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