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Really confused now...EWCM after ovulation :( confused and would like a bit of advice please girls.

I got a dark positive on ovulation strips on friday and saturday. (days 13 & 14) I had ovulation pains on saturday around 3pm so I was quite pleased, everything going to plan.

However I had a quite a bit of EWCM on sat night around 11pm after the tests had turned negative.

Sunday, nothing, all, all back to normal. I thought I am now in the 2ww and was confident that I had done everything I could.

But just there now, ie Monday morning, I went to the toilet and a big big blob (really really sorry) of mucus came out. I don't normally get it in blobs.

Please, any advice or ideas? I am now worried that my timing is all wrong, despite all the signs pointing to Ov on saturday. Anyone else experience EWCM after ovulation? Could it be just everything working its way out?


  • Hi Posy,

    Could it be swimmers?

  • Hi Ladybird, thanks for replying.

    I haven't BD since saturday night so its definitely not them. It was quite clear, although not as clear as it has been the past few days.

    I'm just a bit down now as I thought I could pinpoint what was happening with my body and now I'm seeing this. Im almost 100% sure I ovulated on saturday as I get the pain every month.

  • Posy
    Check out my posts last Friday. I had exactly the same thing. ABout 3 days after Ovulation I got a big blob of sticky stuff. Not swimmers as I hadn't BD'd for 3 days. I was and am still confused as FF threw a spanner in the works but if you got positive OPK and pain then I woudl say you OV.
    Perhaps me and you get CM after ovulation too, it's not unheard
  • thanks sooo much Emma, am off to read your posts now .

    I was so pleased with myself this weekend and now am doubting I even got the right day xxx
  • Hi Posy, we're both into 2ww now. I had pos ov tests Fri & Sat too - didn't manage to bd Fri night as hubby had migraine.

    When is your af due? Mine is around the 18th and have now lost all PMA.

    Really don't want to get stressed over the next 2weeks ish but know I am!!

  • Dont worry honey, i hd this for about 4 or 5 days after ovulation apparently its very common.
    good luck
  • GLK2008...I'm due 20th/21st! I thought i was doing a good job of just forgetting about things and not getting stressed until this morning!!!! Thank god there is someone else on it with me!

    2bsmart...thanks for your help....dare I ask, did you have it every month or just last month imageimage
  • I'm trying to take the relaxed approach this month, even had a glass of wine yesterday, however when I get a BFN I'll be seriously annoyed I drank!

    Fingers crossed we do it, what month are you on?
  • This is only my first month GLK, so I know not to expect to much. But because it is my firrst month everything is so new and weird and I can't stop myself from thinking about it.

    Don't worry about the glass of wine, I had a glass on Saturday night. I would have got some strange looks if I had said no, plus I figure that if things go to plan it would be my last drink for a long time LOL.

    What month are you on?
  • +ve opk and EWCM show ov will be in 12-36 hours. xx
  • LAdies
    I was soooo peed off that FF and CBFM didn't agree that I had 2 glass of wine last night only to come in and be told by a lady in PG that happened the month she got her BFP - DOH!
    Anyway was very relaxedd so hopefully fingers crossed.
  • yep thats what I went by Mithical, everything added up ,and ovulation was about 24 hours after my first positive opk. Thats why I just don't understand this blobby CM 2 days after LOL. Stupid CM aarrrgh.

  • GLK2008,my AF is due 18th as well. Fingers crossed!!

  • Yeah fingers crossed for you Emma, you really could drive yourself mad with worrying about symptoms and ovulation days couldn't you.

    your testing day must be soon?
  • Next Sunday hon if I go by CBFM,m that will make me 1 day late from AF but may test Saturday as I have a party and will have a glass of wine if it's BFN. Will see how I feel. If i go by FF then it's not until Tuesday 17th.
    I wonder if there 's a possibility that some women hold onto CM more than others so when we get it we have already OV???
    I must say, i'm pleased you have it aswell as otherwise you start to feel a bit strange!
  • Posy - I'm on month five and hoping this will be lucky month!

  • Hi posy a few of the girls had this blob this month, a bit like a big snot.. FF says that you can get fertile CM after ov, i think its quite common!! xx
  • Thanks Pavy, thats good to know. Although I really shouldn't have started reading this again while eating lunch, eh?!!

    Emma I'm hoping you're right and that it just takes it a bit longer to work its way out for us. Do you get it every month? Although I have so much of it today?! Why couldn't it have been here on saturday when it was needed?!!!

    GLK- stupid me, I should have seen your big 5 badge! I hope it is your month too! i have a feeling this week and next is going to drraaaag for both of us
  • *Waves to Pavy* - hey chick, you ok? Thanks for that, makes more sense now.
    Posy - I have had it 2 months in a row now. And yes, I needed it during OV, was very "dry" but after ovulation I even changed my underweare once during the day (sorry!).
  • Yep Emma, I have far more now than I did during ovulation. I even did an ovulation test strip just there but as I thought its negative.

    I would never have paid any attention to such things before TTC! Now they seem so important!
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