One year old not sleeping - advice needed Pls!!


Since returning to work (2 days a week), James had got severve issues sleeping. He used to have his milk, then lay him in his cot and he would sleep the whole night from 7pm to 8am!! We've managed to get him back in his cot to sleep - he has to be asleep when we put him in there, but he just won't stay there, he wakes about 1am and will just scream and scream until he's sick, he won't settle regardless what we do and ends up in bed with us!

I don't know if I can cope with controlled crying, but am simply running out of options, has anyone got any suggestions or know what to do?? My hubby has been a godsend, and really good coping with him in the night, as I'm 9 weeks pregnant and having really bad morning (allday) sickness! But I know we're getting him into a bad habit!!

Ali xx


  • You need to nip this in the bud now. Is he still havein his milk and if so what kind
  • He's now on cow's milk, which he has in his bottle at night, I have thought maybe its not filling him up enough?
  • I think I'm going to have to be tougher, but it soooo hard!! Will try all your tips though!! Thanks for your help xx
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