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This will make you laugh!

Picture the scene.......
You and you oh have just had a relaxing bath together. Hes standing there half drapped in his towel looking lovingly at you with his come to bed 'look' and you think to yourself, 'yeah Im guna have some of that 2nite!!' he he!
As he stands there and Im sitting in the bath just rinsing off about to get out. He then goes to open the door.........................................'oh shit', 'its stuck!!'
'What do you mean its stuck???!!!'
I knew it had been a bit f**cked for a while, but now it was properly broken and we were stuck inside!! Kids were all in bed asleep and our eldest is only 4 so she couldnt have got us out ne way. It was gone 11 at nite. We tried using everything we could find to prise the door open, razors, toothbrushes, the kids bath toys, but no it just would not budge! At first I was fairly calm. Considering I was naked, tired and trapped in bahroom with no way out!! We were running out of options tho. We couldnt break it down as it went the opposite way!! and no amount of force was even budging the handle!! Couldnt get out the window as there was no way we could jump and the window is one of those tiny ones almost impossible to get out of! So what did we do, how did we get out????....................


  • What a cliffhanger. Im dying to know!!!!
  • come on.......

  • I'll say the next part says you unlocked the door. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • i thought that!!

  • Well by this time I was starting to panic and the thought of just shouting for help so the neighbours could here us was seriously crossing my mind!! Then we just looked up at the window above the door, one of the tiny ones you get. Annoyingly ugly but I spose they have there uses!! Like for this exact reason! 'your never guna get thro there' I said to him. 'I will, If I get get my head thro Ill get the rest thro'. So, that was the master plan!!! I was just glad I wasnt going to have to do it!! Luckily my oh is very slenderly built so Im prob bigger than him ne way If you count my arse!
    Now we had to smash the glass! This wasnt fun at all! Everytime he hit the glass (with a shaving foam can) just went EVERYWHERE! It came back on us, and we were both starkers by this point as towels were used when smashing the glass!! I started to get panicky, what if one of the girls woke up and walked out of their bedroom??? They wouldve been cut to smitherreens! The smashing of the glass was so Loud! The I had to pull myself together so I could give Dave a leg up out the tiny window. His head was thro. 'I can do it', he said. With that I helped him up and out. The view I had was classic, you can imagine. lol!! When he got halfway thro all he cared about was cutting his family jewels to pieces! Luckily the towel we put over the shards left on the wood bit of the door was doing the trick tho!! He managed to grab hold of the bannister then take his weight on his arms, then just flung his legs across to get himself into our bedroom away from the glass. I still cant beliveve he had the strength and balls to do it, I wouldve been so scared!!!
    So then once he was frre he went to get a screwdriver and I was free at last! My man had saved us!!! We then spent nearly an hour clearing the glass up!! I got the hoover out and luckily we didnt even wake our 3 girls, they slept thro the whole thing!!
    Needless to say, the nookie didnt happen in the end! By the time we had got in bed it was gone 1 and we were both far to 'shattered!!'

    I hope Ive given you girls a giggle, I can laugh about it now!! x x x
  • Firstly i want to know what a mum of 3 is doing up after 11 lol.

    And i hope you called the firebrigade as that wld be hilarious

  • yeah and im glad to see im not the only one to get locked in the bathroom.
    when i was pregnant with charlie i sent to the bathroom, now the door didnt have a lock that worked so it was just closed over and when i went to open it nothing, thankfully hubby was only half way down the stairs on his way to work or i would have had to get our son to go the the neighbors and get them to kick the door in as unscrewing it done nothing at all x
  • db I was almost at the stage where I wanted the fire brigade! But neither of us had our phones in the bathroom! We wouldnt had to scream for help and hope someone heard us! God it wouldve been embarassing when they turned up aswell!
  • aw bless. We locked ourselves out once and had to go to homebase to buy a jigsaw (friend had broken ours) and cut a hole in the door between the garage and house. It was an annoying door as if you locked it ( by pulling the handle up) and the key was still in the lock on the inside it was impossible to get in!
    Much prefer your story though.
  • hahaha now that would be a good part for a movie! lol. Just read it out to oh and he thought it was funny too.

    Lisa xxx
  • haha oh my god and du remember wat u said to me on facebook half an hour before this??.......going to have a relaxing bath!!!! if only you knew LOL!!!!! poor dave thank god it wasnt me and rich we'd have been in there forever hahaha!!!!! xxxxxxx
  • :lol: that gave me a giggle! glad you can laugh about it too!
  • Ohh Sarah you do make me laugh. I can't wait to tell Mum, she will wet herself. Bless ya,

    X X X
  • oh hun what an eventful night lol glad your laughing bout it now tho :l
  • lol, thats the funniest thing i have heard in ages!!!!!! glad that you got out ok thow!!!!! xxx
  • hehe that did really make me giggle! Glad to hear your OH's crown jewels remained intact! x
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