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anyone who has had a 4d scan....

i just wondered how long your appointment etc lasted?

i'm trying to book one, i shouldn't have left it this late, it seems, as the places I'm looking at (in the west mids area) are booked up in most of the slots we can do.
i've found a BabyBond a little bit further away, but still at an ok distance for us, but we were wondering how long the appointment would last, because the day we are looking at we have afternoon commitments so need to find a suitable slot in the morning.

thank you!!!



  • Hey hun ours was ment to be about half hour 45 mins at baby bond only didnt get baby in right position had to go for walks ended up taking 3 hours!! xx
  • Mine was about 30-40 minutes!
  • Mine was with a4Dbaby.

    We had choice of packages. Our appointment was about 20-25 mins and included 4 piccies plus the dvd and a cd of all the pics for about ??120

  • wow samantha - 3 hours!!! at least the place we are looking at is in a nice area and could potentially go for a walk....don't think we have 3 hours to spare that day though!!!

    thanks immense - hope you are doing ok image

  • Lol yeah she sent us off to do our shopping! little man was hiding under my placenta i have an anterior im sure yours wont have to be that long though lol! xx
  • mrs_e - you are sooooo pregnant now! In no time at all we're going to be reading baby_e's birth story! Really hope you and the blue bump are well.
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