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LO too hungry for breastmilk alone - help

I need help please ladies i think im going out of my mind.

My baby is 3 weeks old and i breastfed exclusively for the first 2 weeks, It was so hard, first he wouldn't latch on even with the help of several mw's in the hospital. Then he got frustrated at the breast and flat refused to feed. Nipple sheilds were the miracle cure i was looking for and he latched on immediately. i was so so happy and i felt like i was finally getting somewhere. The next problem was that he wanted fed ALL THE TIME. i couldnt leave the house because he cried so hard with hunger. I dreaded him wakening and felt guilty that i wasnt enjoying my new baby. Every time he cried, i cried like my heart was breaking, the constant feeding left me totally drained.

Finally as a last resort on sunday night i went out and bought formula. This seemed to work immediately and he was settled and happy. I continued to breastfeed every other feed.

The problem is i breastfeed for a full hour or more and then after that he cries like i havent fed him for a week so i have to make a formula feed anyway - instead of easing my gruelling feeding sessions, it has only made them twice as long.

I've now made the hard decision to stop BF competely for my sanity as well as LO tummy rumbles. Its made me very sad and iv cried a lot about it as i loved lying in bed at night feeding him as he always looked up into my eyes and we really bonded but he's far too hungry for me to keep up with ( he's 9lb 9oz). My breasts are swollen and sore - does anyone know how to ease the discomfort til my milk dries up?

I no i've rattled on a bit but has anyone else been through this - i feel very alone as my hubby works away and i spend all day crying and not even being able to eat a bite as LO cries so much.



  • Don't feel bad!! your have to do what is best for yourself and your baby!!
    But if your breasts are full and painfull that suggested that there is plenty of milk there so if you want to continue combined feeding things should get better as your LO gets more experenced at BFing.

    Try warm baths and cool cabbage leaves for your breasts and if they are really painfull express a little bit of milk off. I know this will keep the milk there longer but it will make you more comfatable.

    Also don't neglect yourself you must eat!! even if that means putting your LO some where safe i.e his cot and letting him cry for a few minutes!!

  • hi there hun please dnt feel bad u have given your lo a great start feeding for 3 weeks and should be proud of that.The month growth spurt is the hardest and after the 1st 6 weeks you would have found that your baby would start settling into some ind of a routine with feeding.Its normal to feed all the time at 1st as your baby would have been increasing your milk supply.I know how u feel i too worried that my milk wasnt enough at 1st as grace was just under 9lb at birth,shes now 10 mths and only has a morning feed.I dnt think enough info is given during pregnancy about the reality of bf in the early days myself.What is important is that you and baby are happy however you are feeding.You can take painkillers for the pain and also cold savoy cabbage leaves are supposed to help if u put them in your bra they can help releive the engorgement xxxxx
  • i had to combination feed my son, he was 9lb 8 and just so hungry. He would feed for hours at a time and still be hungry. I eventually started giving him a bottle feed at bed time to give me a break. Feeding this way i managed to continue much longer than i would of done
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