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Which hospital?

I wondered if anyone else is or has been in the same situation

We are in Bucks, so the two hospitals to choose from are Wycombe or Stoke Mandeville. Wycombe is a bit closer and they have more of a birth centre vibe there than Stoke, so that is where I am booked in. However, there is another hospital about the same distance away, Wexham Park, but as it is in Berks it is not given as a choice as standard. My MW was happy at my booking in that we might change our minds about the hospital and put it on my notes

We have heard really good things about Wexham. They have a birthing centre a floor or so up from the labour ward, with a pool and en suite rooms, and a private room suite for afterwards for a small fee (not sure how small yet!). You can see some pics online and their phone number to book a tour is online too, so they seem very open, whereas for Wycombe I can't find any information at all. I think they have a pool, and that's about all I know!

Ideally I would like to arrange tours so I can make the decision sooner rather than later- do you think it's too early to do this? I thought maybe I would wait till I see my new MW (from moving house) in 2-3 weeks to see what she says, but I'm a bit impatient!

What do you think?

21+5 x


  • I'm unsure but cant see anything wrong with phoning up for further inof and having a look round. My hospital does open tours every other Thursday and you can just turn up. We're gonna do that in May sometime but if i was unsure between two hospitals I'd do it earlier.

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