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Pregnancy and malarone for malaria

Hello ladies, I have just discovered I am pregnant and it would have happened while we were on honeymoon in South Africa. I was taking malarone as a precaution for malaria and took my last tablet yesterday morning (found out I was pg last night!) and had 14 tablets in all. My CB test is telling me I'm 1-2 weeks pregnant and last period was 26 Feb.

The pregnancy is very unexpected though definitely wanted! The precautions for taking malarone advise not to take them in the first trimester as there has been insufficient testing done on the unborn baby.

Has anyone else got pregnant while taking malarone? Will be going to the Doctor later this week but just wondered if anyone has any personal experience?

thanks x


  • not sure bout these tblets but just wanted to say my SIL fell pg when out teaching in namibia & got rushed back to uk as she had malaria. Anyway that little girl just turned 13 last friday. Im firm believer that babies want to be born & as my dr said they are alot stronger thn they look so try not to worry.

  • Hi peeptoe,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I went to Namibia in 2007 for 2 months and was taking anti malarials for that whole time. I was advised to use another method of contraception whilst I was on them as they can affect the pill
    and then not to try and conceive for 3 months.

    I'm sure its just a precaution and you and your baby will be fine. Its definitely worth seeing your doctor though just in case there is anything they can do that might help.

    Bec 33+4 x
  • ps I was on doxycycline though which may have different properties to malorone, which I know is more expensive (probably for a good reason!).
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