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first time worries

I'm 23 years old and have fell pregant for the first time, the doctor says I am about six weeks pregnant. I only experienced increased urination at the start until about the fifth week, when the morning sickness (for me its all day sickness, I'm not so bad in the morning) started. Yet with the sickness have found that I have gone off food completely. I cant manage a whole meal of anything, not even a bowl of cereal and believe me, I do try to force myself. The only thing I can manage to eat is some fruit and fruit juice, I seem to have gone off the thought of drinking plain water.
I wasnt actually sick until Saturday just been, and hen it wasnt really much apart from bile until yesterday night when I brought up my tea. I feel so exhausted - as a child I was really thin, I ate plenty but never put on weight, and it took a long time to get to a healthy nine stone, something which only really happened this year. I used to be warm all the time, I'd give off so much heat my husband would often coplain of overheating. Now I am just constantly cold and still am after putting on several layers of clothing.
Yet my main concern is the fact I just cant manage to eat anything, I just dont find anything appealing. It's really getting to me and I dont know what to do. I'm prone to getting run down and sick easily. any advice?


  • Hey,

    This may not help at all, but I had awful morning sickness and I used to get my hubby to get me a couple of digestive or rich tea biscuits to eat before even moving and that controlled my sickness.

    I hope you feel better soon, make sure you drink lots of water. It will get better, the first twelve weeks can be quite miserable.

  • Thanks Caz, believe me I am looking forward to being 12 weeks pregnant (part of me wishes I had fallen pregant sooner to be past this stage!). It doesn't help when you talk to ohers and hear that they just "glowed" all the way through and never had a problem.
    For the delight of sharig too much information :roll: I (slowly) ate half a bowl of cheerios and have just brought them and my drink back up.. my husband is starting to get concerned since all I seem able to do is be sick and sleep (sleep seems so nice right now!). at what point should I speak to the doctor and explain I cant hold food and liquids down? I am worried that I may have hyperemesis, but that may be due to me having a down day :\( bring on nine months!
  • If you can't hold down liquids matey I would seriously go to see the doctor as the last thing you want is to become dehydrated. You will be sleeping a lot because of your hormones and because you aren't keeping food down.

    People who say they glow through the whole of pregnancy are lying lol I started to feel vaguely human at around 20 weeks when my hair started to feel nice and my nails were nice image
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