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Hi everyone, sorry this is going to be long I just need a bit of a rant my mil currently owns the house with my hubbie. I live with them both with our son. she works away during the week and is back on weekends and she really gets on my nerves for example the other day she said "look at this fluff, it is no wonder that he is ill" on about my son and no-way was the place as bad as that because I would never compromise my sons health needless to say I was fuming recently she said she wanted to retire this year and get her name off the mortgage and my name on and live with us full time and pay rent, my hubbie was all for this because it would help financially I wasn't so sure anyway the other day she came shopping with us so I could not talk to hubbie about it I sent a message to him on face book nothing nasty just explaining how I felt and how I how I felt and how I hoed we'd be in our own place by xmas and wanted independance and the chance to be a propper family anyway on saturday night she checked her face book on hubbies pc and went off upstairs upset I only found out the next morning off hubbie that she had accidently went into his fb and read the message and was saying well we might as well sell the house i can't forgive her etc then booked a taxi to work and took the dog. Is it just me or is she is totally over reacting? I sent a message explaining what I had wrote and me and hubbie have heard nothing from her just had his brother on the phone mediating this whole situation is so annoying.. grrrr.

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  • Goodness I do feel sorry for you! I spent a lot of time going through the whole not feeling good enough for my husband, and I think you have the patience of a saint for having dealt with it for so long! Thankfully in my case, she eventually warmed to me - she never expressed anything to me, always to him, which does leave you feeling frustrated and unable to solve anything. I do have to say that you sound like a fantastic person for even being concerned about her now, a lot of women (and men) I imagine would be jumping for joy. perhaps you need to get her on her own, if you can travel to his brothers house - if he is mediating she cant be too far behind - and talk to her in person. There's probably a good chance that she went through a rough time with her mother in law too. with you making the first step to apologise and mend bridges, the ball is then left in her court to deal with as she wants.
    All the best
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