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help part 2, i cant cope anymore

Hi ther

Up until last sat my 2yr old lo would go to bed no problem. She would have a bath, bottle and go into her cot bed and fall asleep herself.

Now it is a fight for a bath she wouldnt go into her cotbed and i ended up taking her inmy bed.

We bought her a toddler bed which i'm waiting on delivery for. She just crys and crys and i give in and either let her up to play for a while or jsut go into my bed with her (which i know goes against what everyone says.)

I have just managed to come off my meds for pnd and was coping well considering my mum had a heart attack and i found out my dad has terminal cancer.
i dont think i can sope anymore, i just cried and cried lastnight.
will it get any better, does any one else take their lo into bed.

i'm hoping having a big girl bed will help

Sorry for rambling but just needed to write it down


  • I don't have any advice as far as your lo is concerned but I would say that you need to go back to your gp or contact your hv and talk things through with them. I think you are trying to cope with so much with your Mum and Dad that you may need some outside help. Don't try and do this on your own.
  • Hi I'm so sorry, it sounds like you are going through way too much atm and need to have the help of your gp and friends right now, dealing with any one of those things is handful enough and I am sure you are doing much better than you are giving yourself credit for. Please don't be so hard on yourself and try to talk to someone about all of this as keeping it to yourself is only going to make you feel worse take care x

    As far as lo being a nightmare come bed time, some of that could be that they're just picking up on how tense you are and playing up. My lo (17mth) is very difficult to put in bed and he does come into bed with me more often than I care to admit, partly it is my own doing and partly I just feel we'll both get a better nights sleep as he still doesn't sleep through, maybe it's wrong but it works for me, I do think if he had a bed rather than cot it would help though so really hope it works for you, just relax though otherwise there'll probably be a bit of playing up. Look after yourself
  • I had a similar problem with my 16 months old. I found it was good for comfort to have him in my bed while my dad was dying and it did help me cope with his death. So I got a big boy bed with a rail and after a couple of nights it made a big difference to his sleep pattern. He now sleeps through without waking for milk, its now been 4 weeks of him sleeping through and its bliss.

    Which will all be changed in december when my second is due lol. Keep smiling and things will work out in the end xxxx
  • My daughter went through this when she turned two and we also had a newborn so was a nightmare. She wouldn't go to sleep unless dh lay with her in her bed and would take up to 2 hours! Then she would wake up at midnight and end up in our bed. We just needed the sleep badly so let her.

    We cracked the bedtime bit by cutting out her daytime sleep (she had 2 hours) so was knackered by bedtime and would fall asleep within minutes. Then I told her daddy was going downstairs and she was a big girl and could go to sleep by herself.

    She still slept in our bed until Owen was 10 weeks old. One night I just took her back when she came in told her to close her eyes and go to sleep. After a few nights she didn't even bother getting up and now we don't hear a peep from her she sleeps from 6.45/7pm until 7/8am

    We did try leaving her to cry and rapid return but neither of these worked she just needed reasurrance

    It will get better, good luck with the bed

  • Ok i have to say im so hard on my lo when it comes to bed time.
    She was up 3 times a night till 9 months old and i just snapped on night and scolded her and told her to be quite and go to sleep! this actually worked and she has had no problems since!
    I would say NEVER take your lo into bed with you but i know you would do almost anything for a good nights sleep. Its so hard to know if your doing right from worng but hun you seem to have so much going on in your life right now, perhaps as the others say you should go back to your gp, coping with too much too soon wont help you get better and as a bad PND sufferer i know only too well what happens when you think everything is ok and coming off meds etc too early. you need to take a deep breath and take care of yourself too.
    Big hugs hun, i hope your lo settles soon. xxxxx
  • well lo has been going into her ready bed just now (big girl bed not coming til thursday) she woke at 5 this morn so again took her in with me, to be honest i liked the company as oh is nightshift and have had a few rough days.

    Thanks for the support and advice. She really is an angel all day just playing up i suppose at night
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