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Maternity pay not being paid

I had a LO coming up to a year ago and am not planning on going back to work at the moments so my boss gave me a p45 when I left. However, although I am entitled to mat pay (basic gov) and although I was paid the first 2 months my ex boss has stopped paying me. Ive tried and tried to get it from him but he is citing ecconomic problems (I know that he got my mat pay from the gov to give me so its not coming out of his own pocket but he said that he had to use the money coz the business was in a bad situ and now he doesnt have what to pay me with). I now have to pay tax on this mat pay and apart from the fact that I was depending on mat pay to help me with my bills etc, I dont really fancy paying tax on money I havent received. I phoned hmrc and they told me to phone tax credits who told me to phone pensions etc basically I cant find out who to go to to help me out here. Was wondering if anyone had had a similar situ and what I should / can do?
Really need to sort this out.
Huge thanks for any help.


  • What he is doing is completely wrong. firstly I would go to either the CAB or to your local job centre as both should be able to help in someway even if itsa just to get you some money to surive on!
    good luck, let us know how you get on xx
  • Thanks will call the job centre...not sure who CAB is though? Will let u kno what happens x
  • Citizen's advice bureau hun!!! Definitely get in touch with them! Google it and you'll find your local one and give them a call!!! You MUST take action against your former employer as this is ILLEGAL!
  • Are you part of a union? if not it might even be worth phoning your house insurance (bear with me lol) as most policys have a legal protection which gives you access to a legal team that can help in such matters, i would also google ACAS they are a government organisation meant to help employees

  • Thanks everyone. The jc told me to call 01912255221 (just in case someone else is reading this who needs the info) and they do the following - first send a letter to the employer and me to check we both think the same amount has been paid so far ( i kno exactly how much he has paid so hope our numbers will match) then they give him a month to pay me everything. if he doesnt they pay me and they chase him for their money. you have to do all this within six months. hope it works out as simple as it reads image
    im not part of a union but might have a look at the insurance to see if it does cover something like this - never thought of that but hopefully this will be sorted by the disputes office... will keep you updated but it might be a month or more before something happens...
  • but you know what, its really nice having pple who think im right. i kept thinking i shouldnt make a fuss but now i think that i can and it doesnt make me mean. so thanks for the support. x
  • Thats what we are here for but i know what you mean, sometimes its nice to chat it over just to make sure.

    Good luck with it and keep us updated

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