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Going back to work tomorrow - what did you tell people?

Hello ladies.

After thinking hard, getting bored out of my mind stuck at home and seeking the advice of you guys I have decided to go back to work tomorrow after my ERPC on 26th May. My medical cert has not run out quite yet but stewing at home is not doing me any good. I have the added complication of having a suspected molar pregnancy so am anxiously waiting for the results of that (expected back 2 days ago) and I need to fill up my time!

I spoke to my boss and she says she has not told anyone where I have been just that I was unwell so I am not sure what I will tell them - what did you guys do when you went back? Did you find people supportive or just gossips?!

Am dreading it in some ways although at least going back on a Friday means I have the weekend to get over the first day!!



  • Hi, I told those who I mainly work with (or rather told my boss it was ok to say). Only because I'm never off sick and I'm a bad liar. I tihnk it helped me because I work with only women and so many of them chose to share their experiences of mc that I was shocked to realise how common it is and that alot of my friends - who are mostly a bit older had been through it, so understood what I was feeling.
    I was like you, sitting at home not doing alot except thinking, I went back a week after ERPC and am so glad I did, I found it a first step at getting back to 'normal' and a definate distraction.

    I'm sure you will be fine whatever you chose xx
  • Can you go back to work if you have a medical certificate signing you off?? I would check that??
    (Does your work have a HR dept?) I know my old boss wouldn't let people back if they were signed off.
    I am a SAHM so didn't go back to work afer ERPC but I told all my friends and people at groups etc the truth why I hadn't been out and about. Like starry_eyed said you might be suprised how many ppl you know have gone through the same. Others won't know what to say so they will prob say 'sorry to hear your bad news' and then carry on as usual.
  • Thanks for your replies. Yes I work in HR in my place so knew it was possible to return even though my certficate had not expired although after today wish maybe I had not been so quick to return. I started crying just at the sight of the place and although managed to pull myself together to go in I only lasted the morning before I had to go home again image

    Am feeling so crap about things and now not sure if I will make it through next week without having to go to my GP to get signed off with stress. Sorry to moan, I just hoped things would get better now it is nearly 2 weeks after the ERPC although unfortunately still waiting on test results so is hard to move on until I have these.

  • Hi Debbie
    Just wanted to say you are not alone in finding it difficult to return to work, I think we expect to go back and be back to 'normal', my first week I only lasted 2 mornings but I found it got easier, take one day at a time and enjoy the weekend
    take care
  • Hi - sorry your day didn't go well but atleast you know that you are not ready and you need to relax at home and take term to come to terms with everything. Take time now to relax.
    I went to my GP 3 weeks after my ERPC with a list of questions and I ended up crying! But it helped! Go to your GP if you feel you need to - it will prob help.
    Take care xx
  • I just said that I was under the care of the hospital with some gynae issues and that I didn't want to talk about it..I am sure my boss is very curious but it hasn't been pushed further.

    I hope you're ok - look after yourself xx
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