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Anterior Placenta

Just come back from my 21 weeks scan and I've got an anterior palcenta. Does anyone else have this? does it mean hubby wont be able to feel baby move?
21 weeks


  • Hi Luca

    I've just come back from my amnio where they found out I have the same, so they had to go through the placenta to take the sample.
    I did quite abit of googling on it since I come back (thats what happens when you have to rest) it looks as though the only main issue is that listening to the heartbeat may sometime be muffled, although i've never had this issue with my little doppler....

  • I also have an anterior placenta. As far as I can make out, all I have been told is that it will make movements harder to feel earlier on. I was worried because I havent felt the boys move and was reassured that I would, but it might take a little longer as the kicks are muffled. I have always been able to find the heartbeats.

    Gemma and Double Blue Bump 20 + 4
  • i had this with my first pg and i just felt movement a bit later- hubby managed to feel lots of kicks though probably after about 25 weeks x
  • I have this too, and it's true I felt movements later - but it's nothing to worry about.

    Coco - 28 wks today x
  • I'm in the anterior placenta club! lol

    My strong kicks started just after 20 weeks, hubbys felt them and I've had strong movement daily so don't worry hun. Hubby hasn't had a problem and I'm sure yours won't either xxx
  • Me to and I felt movements later xx

  • My placenta is anterior and we have no problem feeling baby move and love watching my tummy move which we've been seeing for a couple of weeks now. I'm sure it won't be a problem hun.
  • I had an anterior placenta too, and my DH felt Abby kick loads, but it might be that it happens a bit later than if your placenta was at the back. Please don't let it worry you, I was so worried when I found out where my placenta was -but it really wasn't a problem at all.

    Nikki (and Abby - 8 weeks)
  • hi i have a low lying anterior placenta, i didnt feel anything until about 17 weeks but they were just occasional flutters, i now feel kicks and see them on my bump and Oh has seen and felt them for the past 3 or so weeks.

    ashy 25+1 xx
  • i had an anterior placenta and i didnt feel movement untill maybe 24 weeks ish but it doesnt make any difference coz by the time i was 28 weeks jack was kicking me and from the outside looked like my tummy was dancing!! xx
  • I have this but I actually felt movement pretty early. Flutters at about 16/17 weeks then hubby could feel kicks at about 19/20 weeks.

    x 28+1
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