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I know there has been a few posts in this in the past so sorry!
But my question is becasue my brother-in-law has a SEVERE nut allergy and so I don't know if this is counted as a strong enough link?
The food standards agency says:
'Your baby may be at higher risk of developing a nut allergy if you, the baby's father, brothers or sisters have certain allergic conditions '

I would like to eat nuts as I feel that the recent research and treatment shows that having small amounts can help. But I don't want to jeoprodise my baby. Does anyone know whether it can cause MC etc or just a 'higher' likelihood of having an allergy?
Any thoughts appreciated. I have raised it with various helathcare professionals but no one has given me a straight answer. Do you think I would be okay just eat them small amounts?
Lilou x


  • I 'think' it's just can cause higher likelihood of developing an allergy. Never heard anything about it relating to mc.

    I thought that nuts in general were ok - it's just peanuts you might have to avoid?

  • BE eating posts again ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    He has a severe allergy to most nuts. Walnuts, hazelnuts, etc as well peanuts would kill him so I am taking it as all nuts. He goes in to shock even if he kissed someone on the lips that has eaten them. So that is why I am a little worried. If there is no risk of MC/ loosing the baby through it I think I would have them as people that have avoided nuts still seem to have children with allergies.
    Lilou x

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  • Ive never avoided nuts during either of my pregnancies and although my new arrival is too young to be able to tell yet whether he has an allergy, my daughter has no allergies at all.

    The thing is, anyone can be allergic to anything and so we would potentially need to avoid eating everything.

    to be able to build an immunity to something you need to be exposed to it.

    its entirely up to you what you do. If you are at all concerned then avoid them.

    hope that helps
  • i've tried to get an answer to this as i have a nut allergy but not severe. i've never had a straight answer as to beginning exposure to nuts for my little boy.

    no one in my family has this allergy but my mum excessively ate peanuts during her pg with me- literally peanut butter went on everything but its nuts not peanuts i'm now allergic to.

  • I think its personal choice hun, for me theres not enough research on the subject to warrent avoiding them totally if you yourself aren't allergic.

    My opinion is that sometimes avoiding foods/overdosing on them, causes the allergies so everything in moderation.

    I've not totally avoided any of the pregnant ladies 'don't eat this' list, but that is my choice xxx
  • I am keen to eat them due to the research, but my concern is more is there a risk of MC or the baby going into shock and dying if I eat them?
    Lilou x
  • Hi Lilou

    I've never read or hear anything about eating nuts being related to MC.

    I spoke to my MW about the 'nut issue' and as my husband has a moderate nut allery she told me to avoid ALL nuts (it's not peanuts he's allergic to).

    If it's going to make you worry about MC whenever you eat nuts then I'd say it's probably best to avoid them just so you're not panicked about it each time.

    Love NN 12+3 xxx

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  • Hi when i had my booking in appt i asked this as my Hubby's sister has allergy to nuts. But they dont know how severe it is as she avoided for so long. So i raised this and the mw at booking in appointment has said to eat nuts if i want to! So i have and i've not really worried about this issue since. xx
  • Hi

    When I seen my midwife she said that its says to avoid peanuts but she doesn't understanf it really and to carry on as normal so I have. Its not like I have handfuls a day or anything but neither do I avoid them.

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