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how likey is it i could have twins again?

i have 7mth old non-id twin boys.what chances do i have of having twins again?
their is a few sets of twins and set of triplets in family.aunts,cousins etc.i wouldnt mind twins again as i had easy pregnancy and birth,i had naturally delivery at 37+4 with 4 hour labour.thanks


  • I love to know the same!!!

    mine are 6 month old non id girls! i wouldn't want twins again!
  • Hi, if you have id twins like me you are no more likely to have a second set, hence why i was happy to try again.

    If you have non-id twins and providing you are not on fertility treatment your chances of having a second set of twins is approximatly 5 times higher than it is for someone without twins.

    Are you thinking of another then? I started thinking about another when my twins were 7 months old and by the time they were 8 months i was pregnant lol

    good luck

  • i was wondering this as my first lo started off as a twin but had a heavy bleed about 8 weeks n found out due to having a scan that i was carrying twins but lost one, and now i am pg with twins this time(non-id) so i would say my risk of having another set of twins is pretty high. my oh says he wants 4 children but i got a feeling if we try again after these 2 are born we'd end up with twins again x
  • I have non - identical twins and it runs in the family. What are my chances?! I've been told it's 1 in 5! (I wouldn't want another set of twins as 4 would be too much for us) xx
  • I had non-id twins, with twins of BOTH sides of our families! SO even though my girls are nearly 7 months old and cannot deny I have thought of another, I am too scared, I couldn't have another set of twins either?? As per snowangel it would be too much for us too! x
  • Just browsing around and came across this topic....

    I myself am a twin (non-identical)...I also have two big brothers who are twins (identical)... there is 22months between us all! My parents werent on any fertility treatments, this all happened naturally. The only other twins in my family, were from my Mums Grandparents.

    So anything can happen...Good Luck xxx
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