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reaching my goal but feeling sad...UPDATE

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Well Molly is nearly 11 months (27th) and my plan was to wean her off the breast around her first birthday. Zach weaned himself off at 11 months but by Molly's age with him he was only feeding at night and having cows milk for his 2 other feeds.

I am still feeding Molly at least 3 times a day. My plan is to cut out her afternoon feed and replace with a cup of cows milk and then cut down to feeding her just morning and night. Molly is showing no signs of self weaning and she gets all excited before a feed. I don't want to upset her by stopping before she is ready BUT i am feeling a little pressure from hubby and other family members.

The "oh are you still feeding her!?" has started and even today my mum said it would be good to introduce the cows milk soon. I joked to hubby and said i didn't think i wanted to stop anytime soon and he thought i was being silly!

I know she doesn't need my milk really now, but i feel she won't need me and i soooo enjoy are quite feeding time together.

I think because she is my last baby and i'll NEVER breast feed again i'm just trying to hold onto it for as long as possible....!



Hi girls,

Well Molly is ONE (argh!) on Sunday and we did go through a stage that i thought Molly was going to self wean but it was the weeks leading up to my first period and was told at my local La Leche league that the milk can change taste with the hormones etc... anyway this lasted a couple of weeks with her some days refusing to feed altogether. Now we have settled on a morning and night feed. I am happy with this, she isn't keen on cows milk so introducing it in her beaker slowly, she has a yoghurt drink/yoghurt in the afternoon along with a snack now.

I am soooo pleased we have reached my goal and am not quite ready to stop so will see how we go.... :\)

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  • hugs hunni, i know how you feel,
    i always said i would feed freya for a year but here we are at 17 months still going. OH did give me the arnt you going to stop soon talk around the time of her first birthday, i just told him that she wasnt ready and bm was laways better for them than cows milk no matter what age they are and he hasnt mentioned it since.
    I some times feel like my MIL and SIL's think that im wierd for still feeding her, as they never bf them selves but i just dont talk about it to them and they dont say any thing to me.

    Freya will most likely be my last baby too and until recently i didnt feel ready to stop either, now i think that if she wanted too then i wouldnt mind, but she still isnty ready and im not going to force her as i am happy carrying on.
    What im trying to say is you will know when you are both ready and if you stop before then you may regret it, jsut ignore what every one else is saying and do what fees right for yu and yur lo. xxxx
  • Thanks flickaty, that is exactly the issue with my mum and mil, they didn't breastfeed so they don't get it. My mil still mentions giving her a dummy which she has never had i now just pretend i didn't hear her :lol:

    Yeah i'm going to continue and just see how we go, she doesn't feed for very long for her afternoon feed so i am thinking i will replace that one with some cows milk but maybe not straight away and breast feed her for the other 2.

    I personally don't think either of us are ready and i should know best so will do what is best!

    Thanks again for your reply xx
  • Hey!
    Wowwww I have been thinking a lot about weaning too, changing my mind a lot!

    I kind of wish I was only feeding maddie 3 times a day, but she feeds about 6-7 times a day and 3 meals as well! and snacks! And she's tiny, well, slightly below average on the growth chart thing.

    I know how you feel though, wanting to stop because they don't REALLY need the nutrition as much anymore, (maddie's one day older than molly remember) but wanting to continue because it is such a lovely bonding session and may not breastfeed ever again!

    By the way... if you want some back-up, the World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding for AT LEAST the first 2 years of your baby's life, so no-one can tell you that you've bf'd too long at 10-12 mths!

    AS for me... If maddie continues NOT wanting to wean at all, I'll slowly wean her off all but morning/night feeds when she hits 14mths, then everything at 2yrs - But a small part of me would eally love the freedom that comes with weaned bubs!

    Let me know how it goes with molly xx
  • Hi there, my older 2 both weaned off bf at around a year, but lo no.3 is still having 3 feeds a day (at least lol!) at 19mths!

    At around the 15mth mark I felt desperate to stop, but tbh I've changed my mind now because of a lot of the things I've read on here! Also, that WHO recommendation for 2 yrs bf is a fab answer to anyone who questions you about it!

    My target with all my los was to bf for the first year, so I think I've done really well lol, I think I'll enjoy it until she's 2 then be firm, lol, and wean her off!

    She may well be my last, so I think like you that may be a factor in not wanting to stop! I really have enjoyed bf so much.

  • My mum fed both of my sisters until they were 2, on demand, but with only being 2 years between them Hannie was 2 when Sarah was born, so she snook on for another 2 years on and off at night just before bedtime, as there had to be enough left for baby!

    It certainly hasn't done them any harm at all, it was what all 3 of them wanted and you can certainly see the difference between the 3 of us, I was bottle fed after 6 weeks, and have asthma, eczema, an much shorter than the rest of the famly and struggle with my weight whereas my sisters are both healthy, tall slim with no issues at all.

    Don't feel pressured into stopping until you and your daughter feel it is time, I know I certainly couldn't give a hoot what anyone else thinks, I will do what is right for us!

    Bets XxX
    38 +2
  • i think that i might have spoke too soon about OH not saying any thing to me about carrying on feeding. freya did her normal 4 am wake up call this morning and instead of going back to sleep in our bed after a quick feed she decided to mess about and hit OH with her teddy, lol. he was not impressed, and started the whole thing of 'if you gavew up feeding her she would sleep much later' apparently he got this idea from a program he saw on telly while i was at work. yeah right im not stopping because he heard some thing on TV.
    Any was she probably wouldnt sleep any longer and im not getting up at 4am with her just because he wants me to stop.
    im going to keep quiet for now and see if he says any thing else, if he mentions it again i will tell him where he can stick his idea!! (:
  • its nice to hear you're still going el pinko, i know how you must have felt when you thought she wanted to stop! Ruby is 9 months now and i expected to stop at 6 months like i did with dd1, but we've just carried on and i dont want to stop! she has recently dropped her mid morn feed and i have cried about that!!
    i'm going back to work in a week so wont be able to feed her mid afternoon feed either which will really upset me. If we can reach 0ne year i will be really proud and hopefully be able to stop with less upset from me!
    I love bf and Ruby is my last baby (never say never tho!) so i'm enjoying every single feed.
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