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I ahve not been on for ages but needed some advice. Oscar is now 17 weeks old and although we have a travel system I have realised I would be better with a stroller. Where I live i find myself on rough terrain quite alot and struggle with my pram and also my pram does not fit in everyones car. My Mum has offerred to buy me a stroller but am completly clueless on which to buy. I know my Mum would only want to pay ??40 but we would be able to put extra for the right one. Can anyone help?

Viki x x :\?


  • Not sure what your wish list is for one, but we (after a huge amount of research and stress) have just bought this one and we love it!! For the price it's brilliant, good handle height, multi-recline, free raincover etc etc, and considering how pricey strollers are it's the best one in that price range we could find. :\)
  • ooh also I know it says 6 months, but it does recline a fair bit and I have read reviews where babies roughly your ones age have been fine in it (although I guess that depends on the baby), but all strollers say 6 months or older................
  • thanks girls
    Janie yours looks good but not sure how it would cope on our terrain. Lara i will have a look at the silver cross pop, it would be nice to have silver cross as it would match our travel system. i have been looking at quinnys this afternoon but again not sure how good they are.
    viki x
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