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Hubby is going back to work tomorrow

Hi girls

Well...hubby is going back to work tomorrow after having two an a half weeks off with me and little Rose who is now 16 days old.

I am so scared about him going back, I know that might sound really really silly but I am so scared being left alone with Rose and having to take care of her all by myself. Hubby has been a huge support I had a em c section and am feeling loads better but moving and lifting sometimes is still sore and he has been a huge help.

Everytime I think about him going to work I either cry or well up. I just feel awful as part of it is feeling sad he wont be here to help me and wont get to spend much time with Rose and the other half is me being selfish and knowing just how much I am going to miss him, I have loved having him home with us.

I was off for two months before I had Rose as I had very bad SPD and I was sooo lonely at home I am worried about feeling the same.

K xx


  • Ahhh K-lou, it really isnt silly! I remember feeling exactly the same way!

    You girlies will be fine!
  • hi hun
    just to echo what the others have said its not silly to feel like u do i felt the same ,and now im having the not wanting to go back to work myself feeling :cry: u will be absolutly fine and u have be to come to for company and questions u need to ask xxxxxx
  • Thanks girls, I have not really been that tearful since I had Rose but as soon as I think about hubby going back to work I ball my eyes out?

    K xx
  • Blooming website ate my reply! I was exactly the same. I cried and cried. However, I made myself a rule that every day I would get showered and dressed and go out for a walk. I met lots of new mums at the local coffee shop. I also asked friends to come and visit which helped lots! You will be fine. You are her Mummy after all. Don't worry you will soon be in a routine and happy x
  • its totally normal, and dont worry, you wont feel lonely, not with your gorgeous baby girl to sit and stare at. My tip would be to make sure your organised...a few times i was practically camped out on the sofa with the coffee table cramed with snacks, drinks, boob-cream makes things a lot easier.
  • Hunny i was exactly the same with both of my boys, the first couple of days i was really emotional but after that its actually quite nice bcoz u get in ur own little routine, just make sure u get out even if its just a stroll to the shops.
    Its now when oh has a day off that all the routine goes to pot that gets me annoyed lol. xx
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  • It's completely normal hun. I felt the same way when Alex was born. It's difficult, but I echo what the other ladies say - just get yourself into a routine and take each day as it comes - some days will be easier than others, but it will get better. Maybe join a local mother and baby group - so you have other women in a similar situation to talk to. I was pretty much alone after I had JJ, it was hard but I coped, because I had to. image x
  • Oh its not silly at all! Try not to worry or get upset, you are Rose's mummy and she'll be happy just as long as you're there with her! Forget about housework etc and just get on with looking after yourself and Rose, you'll soon get in to the swing of things! And like others have said, take advantage of mother and baby groups etc, get out and about, it really does make the day go quicker.
    Oh, and i only live 20 mins from you, so if you get lonely give us a shout, we can meet up in lakeside for coffee, cake and baby talk! xxxx
  • Thanks girls, well so far so god, hubby left for work there was a lot of tears from me but I am actually feeling loads better already. I have had a little clean up of the house which has made me feel better. Rose is asleep so I know I should be sleeping too as I was up with her all night but I just needed to clean up a bit and feel normal.

    Thank you Lynz that would be really lovely if we did that image I am BFing at the mo and have not done so really in public yet I am feel so worried about it.

    K xxxx
  • Awww honey don't worry about that! I felt a bit nervous at first, but the mother and baby room in food court is really nice if you want privacy (i never bothered lol, but thats just me!) and i also found it easier with another person, as you can be chatting to them rather than looking around to see if anyone is watching you xxxx
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