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I HATE salesmen!

We have had a crappy conservatory guy here ALL EVENING! :roll:

"i'm not forcing you to sign tonight but I can only offer you this price NOW"

WELL SOD OFF OUT OF MY HOUSE THEN :evil: :x :evil: imageops: :evil: :x


  • I can't imagine you not throwing him out lol! Was it a pre-arranged appointment?

    We once had a guy from Hammonds come in, and within 10 mins OH & I had got rid of him. He was awful and was more interested in telling us about the big house he had from all the earnings he got from selling Hammonds furniture. All obvioulsy overpriced then. Used a local company in the end!
  • Lol. We had a car salesman like that. He gave us a price for hubby's car that was a joke. Hubby felt really pressured bloke kept saying we could only have the deal on the new car if we accepted the offer on our car tonight and wouldn't let us leave (was very pushy stood in front of door) so I stood up, told him I wan't prepared to be bullied into parting with my hard earned money and that we were leaving. I walked out with hubby eventually following me. I felt really brave lol!

    So you're not getting your conservatory from him then???
  • Its very annoying and makes you want to slap them or something doesnt it! ;\) :lol:
    we always tell them if its a one time deal they're a cowboy band. Usually gets them promising it for a bit while we check out the competition... :lol:

  • Nope he will NOT Be getting our business SUPRISE SUPRISE!!!!!
  • Wish I could suggest someone for you but the builders we used for our extension are based round here not up where you are...but they were lovely. xxx
  • Me too, when we lived at our flat pre babies, I had a really scary experience of a guy literally forcing himself into our home trying to get me to switch electric compaines, I kept telling him i could not make the decsion alone and my oh is not around, so please go, and his exact words were sat at my dining room table 'your oh is a twat if doesn't want to save money' i was so shocked then he asked me where the loo was he went to the loo and then left, but i felt really scared. Told oh who was livid and rang the company i think it was powergen but not sure and they said he doesn't work for them but gets commission from external companies to switch, we never found out where he worked but he scared me, and although i can be very shy i'm no pushover, i hate to think if he did that to some old lady who was alone.

    I hate them with a passion after that experience !!
  • omfg dont get me started. we had to watch a video once sorry dvd lol from staybrite windows . my oh is a construvtion manager hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    since then and having the price halved then quatered if we had it done in the following month to 'keep the fitters busy' i had pleasure in telling them no !!!! cus they would have ripped me off big time if i had agreed to their original price!!!! we learnt from this and on subsequent sales visits i did the talking told them i had a newborn baby which i did i had v little time i wanted them to measure and give me a price we were upfront about lees job and that we wanted no bullshit and one price we wernt interested in any further discounting and we would have to think about it over night!!!!
    we ended up paying ??5000 for all our weindows and doors with carrington windows after being quoted ??13000 with amber!!!
  • OMG! I would so have thrown him out!! How rude hanging around all evening when you have a lo! YOu should turn up at his house tonight and see how he likes it lol! x
  • We have already decided to go with the lovely local firm I had round by myself through the day who were totally no pressure adn very nice and have helped us bny changing things roudn amillion times so I can see how everything looks in different ways. AND they were the cheapest as well as the most helpful! image
  • the f***ing company rang me TWICE today to try and say there was a special trade price they could offer us - I am sorry to say in the end I stooped to the 'F**k Off' phrase as they wound me us SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much - luckily Max was napping at the time!
  • Now wash your mouth out with soap CC lmao I always end up telling them to FO x

    Yeah Salesmen talk shite and a be quite forceful but I suppose they are just trying to earn money like us all x
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