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Hi Ladies

my little man is 12 weeks old and suffers bad from eczema just wondered what any of you use on your LO's that have it too?

Thanks x


  • Hi the gp prescribed Aqueous for Riley's eczema. I've been using it for a few days and its cleared the main bits up, he just has a bit of dry skin in places. x
  • My lo had patches when she was smaller and we used oilatum junior cream and in the bath, its really good, altho u mite need somethin prescribed if its bad

  • daniel has doublebase,fucidin and summit for the bath cant remember what its called,and jack has the same stuff for the bath and hes on hydrocortisone and diprobase,jack is 7months and only just started with it so hes on the weak stuff but daniel is nearly 2 1/2 so hes on the stronger stuff,hopefully jacks twin sister hasnt had it yet but the docs said there is still time for her to get it,hope not :cry:

  • we use the oilatum junior in the bath and aqueous cream before and after a bath. Its not too serious although its worse in the heat which isn't very nice for the little one. What is doublebase?
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