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He won't let his Dad feed him

This week Cameron's started refusing to take a bottle or any solids off his Dad, he's absolutely fine if i feed him but as soon as John tries he just clamps his mouth shut and turns his head away. His Dad usually gives him his bedtime bottle and helps more at weekends to give me a bit of a break, and up until now it's been absolutely fine.
He is particularly clingy to me at the moment and i just wondered if that's part of it.
I just wondered if this had happened to anybody else.


  • Yes my Daughter did that.She would not let anyone feed her but me. If its any consolation that little phase came and went pretty quickly.She will let anyone feed her now but wont attempt to do it herself (she is nearly 16 months) .
  • Thanks Boo that's a good idea - he's such a greedy guts there's no way he'd turn down pudding(no idea where he gets that from )!!!!
    I know it's just a phase, lets hope it passes quickly(just in time for the next one to start). I just feel so sorry for John because he spends little enough time with Cameron due to work, and when he does have time to spend with him the little monster just wants Mummy!!
  • Thats a really good idea and I cant see it failing. It would have certainly worked with my daughter
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