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knife, fork, spoon or all three!!

Hi ladies

Maiya is just over 14 months and hasn't fully got to grips with a spoon yet. she gets some on and gets some of it to her mouth but seems to just get bored and either uses her hands or I feed her with a seperate spoon. I was wondering whether she might use a fork better? I've looked in the shops and can only find metal sets. I don't think she's ready for that as she's not that careful. what age did all you little ones use fork and knife? can anyone recommend a good plastic set??

thanks image


  • My lo is 15 months and manages most food better with a fork than a spoon - not attempted a knife yet. I think stabbing is a bit easier than scooping, and forks are a bit flatter for shoveling under the food than spoons.

    We've got some plastic ones, but they're not a nice set as such - got them in Tesco with the party stuff, they've got Thomas the Tank Engine on them but think they had other designs. It was a pack with spoons and forks in, bit sturdier than single use party ones - I've not seen any 'nice' plastic cutlery.
  • I got some plastic forks in Sainsburys- we were staying with PIL when I first started weaning and forgot to pack a weaning spoon but they only had them in a pack with forks which obviously weren't useful at the time but now are!I wouldn't worry about her using her fingers occasionally- my hv said its good for hand eye coordination at this age-Lily is getting to grips with using her fork but yesterday she tried stabbing cheerios with much concentration...!lol x
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