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Can you use infacol and colief together??

Yes or no - thanks ladies xxxx


  • I asked this and was told by the pharmacist to only use one or the other as there is no benefit using both.

    Don't know if there is just no benefit, or if you shouldn't mix the two substances

    HTH x
  • yeah i did until a few weeks ago, did it for abbout 3 months and no probs, health vistitor said it was fine too x x
  • thanks emski - did it work? and how old was lo when you stopped it thanks x
  • colief worked wonders not sure if the infacol made a difference or not really but she was on that first so health visitor said it wouldnt hurt keeping her on that too cus she had colic, stopped giving it at about 4 and half months gradually. did try and take it out earlier but she had tummy ache so just kept giving it again. x
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