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Hello Tasha and Zoe

Hi girls,
Please forgive me for replying to your pm's on the lounge, but I thought I would do both together to save time as there are hundreds of posts to catch up on.

We all had a fab time thanks.
I would recomend it 'big time'!!!!
The kids really enjoyed it.
There was something to do for all ages which in our party ranged from 7 months to 12 years.
It was a great time of year to go as it was'nt too busy or too cold.
The only downer was my friends little boy Jake, woke up this morning with chicken pox!!!!! ARRRGH!!!!!

I'm pretty sure Katelin will get it and my friends baby Poppy, who is only 7 months old!

Tasha , how is Amber feeling now?

Hope you both had good weekends and are both well.


  • Hi lucyanne, sorry to butt in on your post, but just wanted to say hi, and glad you had a great time.
    It was centre parcs you went to wasnt it?
    Sorry for your friends little one.

    I suppose the only up side to Katelin getting them is that it will be over and done with.

    Speak soon and sorry again
    Kas xx
  • Hi Lucyanne,

    Keep us posted on the chicken pox. Have the boys had them yet? I really hope none of them get them as badly as Charlotte did, it wasn't nice. Better out the way though.

    Glad you had a good break.

    Zoe x
  • Hi,
    Thanks kas.

    yes both he boys have had it.
    Aaron was only 5 months old and it was horrendous, though I have been told that girls get it worse than boys. Dont know how true that is.
  • Well Charlotte had it ten times worse than Jack and that's no lie.

    I've tried to find the photo of her to show you but i can't find where it is.

    Stock up on the essentials ready, be prepared!
  • Were they all really poorly, or was it just the spots that were bad? Niamh or Tara haven't had it yet.
  • Is there a calamine lotion that goes in the bath?
    Daniel wouldnt let me anywhere near his spots, so we could'nt put anything on them to ease the itching so I'm not sure what else I could try with katelin.( assuming that she gets them)
    what did you put on charlotte?
  • Daniel was 3 when he had it and was ok in himself but very itchy and that upset him.
    Aaron was only 5 months old and had them alot worse than Daniel did but, Aaron had a high temp too. And it was difficult winding him as his back was covered in spots.
    He was under the weather for a couple of days.
  • Get loads of Bicarbonate of soda. I used to put a heaped lidful of it in a shallow warm bath. They both use to go in about three/ four times a day as it helps to dry the spots and Jack said it helped the itching. I also used to put calamine lotion on but not sure how effective that was.

    Jack had it first. He was covered in spots head to toe but they were spread out all over his body. I gave him calpol and Nurofen to keep his temperature under control but he was 'ok'.

    Charlotte i'm afraid was really poorly. She was completely covered in spots, round her bits, in her mouth, all in her hair. On her face was really bad as they were all round her lips her nose her eyes, and she had on just her left eyelid four which caused her eye to swell and she could hardly see out of it for probably three days. She lost her appetite, and spent three days crying or winging, she wasn't sleeping. The only place i could get her to sleep was with me in Jacks bed and that was only for a couple of hours at a time. Jack had to go in with James in our bed. She was a very unhappy baby for those three days, it then started to get better. She was 16 months old.

    I'm sorry i've gone on a bit, but when I told people my two had chicken pox people reacted as if to say 'yeah...and they don't get poorly just spots it's business as usual, you just get on with it'. When I told them about Charlotte I think some people thought I was making things up or over reacting until they saw her. I really hope your children don't have it this badly.

    Zoe x
  • OMG that sounds awful, Zoe.
    I prey Katelin wont get it that bad.
    Time will tell. I could be worrying over nothing
  • I don't want to worry you, it's just everyone told me there's nothing to it and I was really shocked at how bad she was. You never know she may not even get them yet.
  • Poor Charlotte, that must have been scary for both of you. At least I know who to come to for advice when it does happen!
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