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erm... oh my god... i did it...

I did it... i bit the bullet and got a fr test, didn't think for one second i would be... but i am!

i'm shaking still... It doesn't feel real. I just hope this one sticks, after 3 mcs it's easy to worry.

Oh wow.. i just got my BFP!!!!


  • Congratulations Poppy image

    Sending you lots of sticky babydust for a H&H pregnancy xx
  • Oh congrats hun, what dpo are you.

    Good luck hunny x
  • Oh congrats hun, what dpo are you.

    Good luck hunny x
  • Thank you!!

    I really am in shock i've gone really cold!

    I think i'm 16 dpo.

    I need someone to pinch me!
  • What did your hubby say? oh congrats again hun, how long have you been trying, you must be over the moon, what symptoms have you got?

    Have you done a CB to see those words, how far on are you?

  • You will have to tell your sister to back off of your name, you may very well be needing it soon image x
  • we're both really pleased and excited. He's just sat playing a game on his computer like nothings different and i keep saying are you not shocked and he says no, i knew you were all along!

    I'll have to have hcg injections now and i've tried ringing my dr but they are closed. I'm so scared, i can't handle another mc.

    I must be about 4 weeks.

    This is actually only the 2nd month, he's leaving early Jan to go away with work for 6 months and we wanted to time it so he's not away when i give birth. I can't believe it's happened so quick.

    I haven't done a cbd yet but i will get one for tomorrow. My head is spinning.

    Thank you all so much and good luck to you all!!
  • Congratulations, I really hope this is a sticky bean for you this time! I was just reading your post about your sister, lets hope you get to call this little Niamh (although you'll probably have a boy now!)
    Fantastic news xx
  • massive congrats that's brilliant news!!! lots of stickiness your way! xx
  • So happy for you hun. Sending you and OH a massive congratulations. You did well to wait for so long to test. Did you have many symptoms? xx
  • well done huni! theres a few of us now! lots of sticky beans i hope xx
  • Congrats i had to log back on to see your post.

    Wishing you a h & h 9 months x x
  • Aww fab news! No drinking at that party tonight now! xx
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!! awww hun I had a really good feeling it would be, so happy for you!! image

    ps have you thought up your excuse for not drinking tonight yet!!?? :lol:

    Wish you a h&h 9 months, send some dust my way! xx
  • CONGRATS poppy!!! I'm sure u'll have no problems. xx
  • aww hun, so pleased for you. H&H 9 monthsxxxxxxxxxx
  • congrats poppy! thats fantastic news! was thinking the same as broodybeth and dotty - you'll have to make sure everyone knows yours is going to be called niamh if she's a girl quickly! lol
    so happy for you xxx
  • congrats and lots of sticky baby dust
  • Congratulations!! That's fab news, I thought you probably were from your other posts!

    What a lot of BFP's around here recently! x
  • Congratulations, sending lots of sticky babydust your way, hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months.
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