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Weekend Away Suggestions - Pregnant Woman Friendly

Hi Ladies!

My boyfriend and I are looking to escape home and work for a few days next month and are desperately trying to find somewhere in the UK for a weekend away.

Ideally 2-4 hours from Nottingham (most of England prob), pregnant woman friendly but I'm okay exploring a little as long as places to rest/shop/eat lol

Any ideas would be very welcome!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi Leannies,
    I too have been racking my brains. Without sounding like an alcoholic (or should i say i know i sound like one) when we normally go for weekends away we like to enjoy abit of a pub crawl, but obv thats a non starter at the moment!
    How about somewhere like York, you could go to bettys for cream tea, do a ghost walk, have a bit of a shop. Or else somewhere like the derbyshire dales for a bit of a cosy b&b, nice restaurant, and walk in the dales. Hope valley is lovely, not much in the way of shopping though.
  • The Lakes is always nice, but me and my hubby went for a few days to Brooklands Health Spa and it is soooooo romantic and relaxing. And not too expensive. Make sure you have the mum and bump treatments, OMG!!!!!!!! And the thai restaurant.
  • oooo or else ( i sound old i think) stratford upon avon. Our favourite restaurant is there (marlowes), again a few shops to trawl (but not loads) and if you fancy learning abit of shakespeares history theres plenty to do. Lots of lovely b&b's or a few nice spa hotels i think....
  • ooh the lakes is really lovely been there a few times ...i live in wales and there is lots of lovely places over here about chester? lovely hotels etc ... lots to see and do and shops image xx
  • I was going to suggest Stratford upon Avon too, me and OH went there a few years ago and it took us about an hour and a half (we are from Nottingham too) York is about 2 hours away and a lovely town. The Lakes and Peak district are beautiful but not great if the weather is bad! I am trying to think of somewhere that doesn't rely on being out doors!! Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest would only be 30/45 minutes away (depending where about in Notts you are) and would be good for bad weather, lots of pampering and swimming.
    Or you could always go to Skeg and spend your lifes savings in 2p machines and eating doughnuts lol!
  • how about four seasons in hampshire? its so lovely and a company called babymoon - look them up do packages there all based for the mother to be...

    We are going for the babymoon thing in Austria at the end of Jan i can't wait hubbie just booked it today!

  • Thanks for all the quick replies and good ideas image

    As I'm already eating my ever increasing body weight in chocolate I'm trying to avoid the doughnut delights of Skegvegas lol!

    Stratford is looking good although I quite fancy the spa - the other half isn't too bothered though (I'll work on him for a few more days!!) and I'll check out Wales, I often forget it's only a few hours away
  • Hi there,

    Bath is also a nice place to go for the weekend, the baths are really interesting and there are some nice places to explore nearby too.

    However if you want somewhere with plenty to do and see I don't think you can beat a weekend in London, there's so much on offer!

  • We went to Edinburgh when I was (just) pregnant with Lily. We went on the train and planned our travel to avoid rush hour etc. Really loved it. xxx
  • Edinburgh is my favourite place in the UK after Skeg lol (we lived in Edinburgh for 3 years) but it is a bit of a trek from Notts. It is a pain on the train too, you need to get the train to Newark or Grantham and change. There is loads to do there, bear in mind though they are doing major tram works in the entire city so the place is a bit of a mess at the moment and not at its best!!
  • I loved Bath when we visited

    I had a broken collarbone so was a bit concerned but never felt threatened in any way and had no problems

    The spa is lovely and i think you are allowed to go when pregnant as long as you have a note from the doctor saying you are healthy
    (you wont be able to go in the steam rooms but the pools are all at a warm - not hot - temperature)

    There are a number of places that do an excellent cream tea and it's wonderful for just relaxing and admiring the architecture

    My hubby has promised we'll do a weekend in Scotland or the Lake District before the baby (we've just bought a 4x4 and i suggested the alps but he wants to stay in the UK) - i've agreed on the basis that we stay somewhere with a spa so i can be pampered and he can play golf for one day image
  • I was looking for a lovely weekend away too as I felt this was the last time id get a weekend away with hubby for a while lol!!

    i found this blog which had quite a few good ideas.... i particularly liked the one set in devon

  • G/c here - we went to Edinburgh when I was about 28 weeks pregnant and had a great time. We went on the train and it only cost us ??????30 each!

    I'd also agree with Stratford (we're about half an hour away from there and often go for the day) and my sister lives in Bath, which is also a great place to visit, but is possibly the worst place to drive in the entire world!
  • I had a gorgeous break in Oxford with my DH, I'd never been before and fell in love with the place, the buildings are stunning and it was so chilled! But, TBH any location where you are 'getting away' and having quality time together is just lush!! Enjoy! xxx
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