FAO the ladies who chart

I am contemplating starting to take my BBT just to see if i can tell when i OV through it etc.

I would usually Google how to go about all this but i don't want to go near Google as my fingers get a bit slap happy and i read things that convince me i am infertile :O

I just wanted to know what i need to do, where i need to record my charting, where i can get a BBT thermometer from and what means what when i do it.

If anyone could take a couple of minutes out of their day to tell me i would be very grateful image

tink xxx


  • HI, I would love to know this as well.Does it have to be a special thermometer? What time of day do I doit and what am I looking for.??!!!
  • my advice would be to make sure you are consistent with the time you take your temps. Its recommended that you take it as soon as you wake up, which i did, but i didn't always get up at the same time, especially at weekends, and i found my temps seemed quite erratic. So i made an effort to set an alarm to wake me to take my temps at the same time everyday, even on a weekend. I would roll over turn off alarm, take temp and go back to sleep. the thermometer i use has a stored memory so you don't have to read it straight away, so once i had properly woken up i could turn it back on, see the temp and make a note of it. I found doing that made it much easier to see patterns in my temps and most importantly when i ov'd. I also used fertility friend and thought it was brilliant!
  • Thanks for the info I will def be trying this! x
  • Hey pet, I agree with Rangtang and littleb - fertility friend + 2 decimal place thermometer + take the reading at the same time each day!

    Good luck! xx
  • Thanks for that ladies. I am just curious to see if i notice anything, i do use a CBFM too but my cycles are sometimes sooo long (on CD 40 something atm)

    I will have a look on access diagnostic tomorrow and get one. I set my alarm for 6.05 everyday so i could take it then and go back to sleep image
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