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Cramps early pregnancy

Hi !
im around 4-5 weeks pregnant . I have sore breasts , and extremely tired . But other than that in the evenings I get cramps that are quiet noticeable . Not painful but quiet noticeable I feel them in my groin . One time left side one time right side . Is that normal ?? 


  • Yeah its normal to have cramps. I'm 7 weeks now and still get them! It's just things stretching and pulling as they grow x
  • It’s defo normal to have cramps I have had them from the beginning I’m 14 weeks now and still have the odd one when I went for a can I was told it’s your wombs stretching for your baby x
  • Scan* sorry x
  • @Bethany12 thank you @Fairycakes88 thank you !
    i had a baby 6 years ago and I do not remember having cramps or any other sypthoms this early !! I found I’m pregnant when I was around 8-9 weeks . Now I know much earlier and I don’t remember this from the first pregnancy :) 
  • Are pains in the right ovary also normal ? Sometimes when I stand up I get a pulling feeling in my right ovary 
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