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The Due in August 2016 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's very nearly August and we know we have some babies on the way very soon, (with one already having been born) so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and well wishes and maybe a little gift for your baby too!

* Note: This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in August 2016 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements altogether in one place to look back on in 2016 and beyond.

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!





  • Monday 1st August 2016 at 7.26pm, weighing 7lb 11oz ...... Reuben Joseph Craig Wright! 

    I just knew it was a blue one! 💙💙💙

    I came into hospital at around 12pm with some bleeding. As I'd had a bit of bleeding a couple of weeks ago, the docs decided to induce me. I had my waters broken at 2.20pm, as I was already 2cm, then was left to see if I would go into labour by myself for 2 hours. I had a few contractions but they didn't really do much (was using my birthing ball and tens machine for this part). 

    So the midwife (and my lovely friend! Bonus!) Put up the drip at 4.40pm to help things along. I only needed a little bit, contractions became strong and fast very quickly to the point I had to have the drip turned off!

    Used some gas and air (brilliant stuff!) And at 7.26pm after 4 big pushes our gorgeous little boy was here! 

    No stitches (another bonus!).

    It really was amazing! The best feeling in the world! 


  • Oh wow let me be the first one to congratulate you Gospel. He is absolutely wonderful!

  • Congratulations gospel! He is amazing!!!!!!!!! I envy your quick induction. I've been in pain since 11am yesterday.... still nothing! 

  • Oh Gospel! He is so precious! Congratulations!!!! He's perfect!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your birth story Gospel22, and welcome to the World beautiful Reuben!

  • Princess Matilda Lilly Knox - born on 3/8/16 at 1.42am weighing 8lb 1oz. So over the moon with her 😊.


  • MissFoy, Matilda is just perfect! Won't you tell us about your labour and birth? 

  • Miss foy!!! She's lovely!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  • Congratulation Miss foy.. She's adorable.. 

  • Birth story:

    I was induced on Monday 1/8/16 due to reduced movements and what they thought would be a big baby due to growth scan. I had the pessary at 11am and felt great all day Monday. My mum travelled up from my hometown and partner was next to my bed 24/7 - everything was ready to go but nothing seemed to be happening. I was told I would be reviewed after 24hours. 

    Around 10pm on Monday evening I started to get contractions - at the time I put this down to discomfort and lack of sleep due to a lady in the opposite bed on the ward being rather loud. I had no sleep at all that night and had to call for the midwife at 5.15am to tell her I'd lost my mucous plug and the contractions were getting stronger. She gave me pain relief. That was only the beginning....

    Contractons got steadily worse all day and i was reviewed at 1pm and told I would have the gel and would hopefully be in a position to have my waters broken in 6 hours (I was 1-2cm and my cervix was really far back).

    7pm came and went and apparently there was an emergency.. A pregnant lady had collapsed and needed emergency treatment. All available doctors and most of the midwives were helping. As unfortunate as this was, I couldn't help but feel a little abandoned. My contractions were now 4 mins apart and lasting 45-50 seconds. I was starting to really feel the pain and couldn't get hold of midwives/doctors for help or pain relief. Had a bath around 8pm which helped lots.

    Doctor finally managed to get to me around 11.30pm to review my 6 hour gel induction that I had at 1pm!! By this time he was shocked, I was only 4cm dilated but contractions were every 2-3 mins and lasting ages. His actual words were "she needs to get up to delivery suite now! she ahould have been checked hours ago!"

    contractions were completely unbearable whilst I waited to go upstairs. I cried, vomited, walked around, tried breathing exercises... Everything! This baby was coming....

    Eventually WALKED up to delivery suite at 1am (3/8/16) whilst stopping every minute or so to scream in pain... (Tried ripping a display from the wall at one point... OOPS). Got to delivery suite and got on the gas and air which was amazing and really helped. Waters broke at 1.15am on their own and I was shouting that I wanted to push. Baby was born at 1.42am - a beautifully healthy 8lbs1oz little girl. I suffered two tears but it was ok because it was all over. 

    I really struggled to breast feed, nothing was coming for baby even though she suckled and even hand expressing did nothing for a few days. I had to resort to bottles and we are both so much happier.

    I am so in awe of her. My life has been changed. ❤️

    Sorry about the huge post!!!!!!! 

  • Lovley story miss foy I'm loving hearing she wasn't as big as thought especially with me being in the same position xx

  • So happy that all your wee ones are here safe and sound :) 

  • Finally I am doing this after a whole long week! Mine is rather a short story though.

    On the 2nd of Aug which was my EDD the doctor decided to induce me as she was going to go away and I didn't want to be handed over to another doctor. We arrived at the hospital at around 9am and I was checked into my maternity room. The doctor checked my cervix and said it was soft but not much had happened from the time we did the sweep the previous Saturday. At 10am she put in the first dose of medicine to kick start  labour and told me to lay down for an hour after which I could get up and walk around because the next dose was going to be administered after 6 hours. My sister and I got out of the room at around 1pm to go grab some lunch. We came back after 2pm and all this time nothing much had happened apart from the few strong contractions I had. At 4pm the doctor came back to see how I was doing and administer the 2nd dose of medicine. She asked the midwife to put connect the machine for observing the contractions and baby's heartbeat.


    I had some pretty strong contractions coming almost every 2 minutes but baby's heartbeat couldn't cope as it was either going too high or too low. So the 2nd dose wasn't given to me. I had not dilated much either. She gave me another 30mins to see if things will change but nothing. At about 6pm my waters broke and then the doctor said sorry we will have to do c section. By this time the contractions were becoming intense and I told the doctor I am glad to do a couple section and delivery the baby safely. They quickly got me for the theater and was wheeled in. Hubby refused to be present because he said he would faint at the sight of blood. The operation took only about 15mins and I heard  my baby's first cry at about 7.30pm (yet to confirm the exact time though) he weighed exactly 3.0kg and measured 50cm. I was cleaned up up and stitched as baby was cleaned. I must say the operation went on way better than I ever imagined. I way numb and only started feeling my legs at around 1am. My recovery has been fantastic and I told my sister the next time I have a baby I will go for elective c section.

  • Maximus Wyatt Batty born 11/08/16  @ 643am weighing 7lbs 13 1/2ozs.

    Woke up at about 4am needing to go to the loo also had some unpleasant period cramping. Got back to bed and tried to get comfortable which had been very hard as the last few weeks my hips have been very painful while lying in bed. Felt another cramp a little while later but didnt think too much of it as i had been fidgiting about. At 5ish i realised there might be some pattern to the cramping and as hubby was still fast asleep i downloaded a contraction counter and tried measuring them. Seemed to be roughly 5-6mins apart lasting between 60 and 90 seconds i still wasnt sure as it seemed to set them off each time i moved and i had been up and down to the toilet several times since 4 and had my bowels open 2/3times. Just before 6 my hubbys alarm went off so i told him i thought i might be having comtractions but i wasnt convinced. He tried timing them and said they were 4mins apart and lasting over 90secs he phoned the hosp after some dicussion as to whether he should go to work as i was worried about him wasting a day of paternity if it was a false alarm. He spoke to the hosp and i did briefly they said to come straight in.

    We called my parents to alert them we would be dropping freya by enroute. Huddy started getting ready to go as did i. I went downstairs and let the dog out and as i did that it all got alot more painful and was feeling quite a bit of pressure. Went back up and into the loo where hubby was faffing brushing teeth and gelling hair (typical man lol). While in the bathroom things vhanged rather as i had a really strong uncontrollable contraction at this point roughly 625 i knew baby was on his way.

    Called my mum again and said come to us as quick as possible not got time to drop freya off on the way now. And as hubby got off the phone i was in agony and knew that baby was going to arrive any min told hubby to call 999 that call started at 641 and little max made his rather dramatic entrance at 643 while on the phone to 999. Fortunately my hubby  managed to remain pretty calm despite the shock of what was happening and make sure that baby was delivered safely and grabbed towels etc.

    At 646 the ambulance and paramedic car arrived along with my parents at the same time haha. The midwife arrived about an hour later.

    All was well but due to the shock of everything max's temp dropped a little too much and wouldnt come back up he also wasnt feeding so the midwife suggested we go into hosp and use a hot cot to bring his temp up. When we got there his temp was fine but as it had been so low his blood sugar was only 1.6 (should be above 2.6) as he has used all his reserves to try and warm up. As he refused to latch on i expressed some colostrum into a spoon and gave to him then gave some formula as well. Blood sugar was fine after that but as it had been so low and cos if his temp we had to stay over night to monitor him. By midnight they were happy with him maintaining temp and sugar so we were able to go home after dr check etc the next day :-).

    Max is just lovely and we now have quite a story to tell him when he is older :-D.image

  • Ladies, thank you so much for your birth stories so far - they are all so unique and personal, we are so grateful.

    Jellytots1989, you really do have one cracking tale to tell! 

    For those of you who have posted your birth stories (Jackrussel, MissFoy, Gospell22, Jellytots1989 - have we missed anyone?), please can you PM me your full name and address so we can send you a little pressie. 

  • On Monday August 8th we went to our booked appointment for an induction at 39w4d. When we got to the hospital it seemed a babyboom was happening in the delivery and maternity ward so no inductions were allowed until there was more room downstairs. At 6am they came around and gave me the pessary and we waited for 24 hours to see what would happen. Now at this point the pelvic girdle pain was so bad I could hardly mobilize anywhere but I kept smiling and my hubby kept trying to do everything to make me feel better! On Wednesday morning they did the gel and when they check it that evening they said it had done absolutely NOTHING and my cervix was completely closed so they gave me the 2nd dose. A couple of hours later about 9:30pm strong contractions started out of nowhere. The midwives told me not to worry about timing them so I can’t tell you how what they were. But almost immediately I started vomiting with every single contraction. At about 11am I got gas and air and lied in my hospital bed on the antenatal ward in seeming agony until 6:30am when the midwife went to go get the head midwife on duty to double check how dilated I was. The first thought I was 5, the head midwife said I was at 9. Apparently she’d been calling for a place for me on the delivery ward for a couple of hours and they kept turning me away because there was no room. But at this point she told them they didn’t have a choice and had to use emergency measures to accommodate me. So they packed up everything on my bed and rushed my and hubby down to delivery.


    I carried on with gas and air and only screamed twice. Once just because the contractions was so strong and sudden it took me completely by surprise. The second was when the first delivery ward midwife left the room, leaving me alone with hubby without saying why she was leaving and when she would be back. She’d been extremely unkind and I was screamed WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME HERE AND WHY AREN’T YOU TELLING ME WHAT’S GOING ON. And then the new relief team arrived who were amazing. 


    I apparently got very dehydrated. First they tried giving me a lucozade type drink and then they put me on a drip. Around 2:30pm the contractions slowed down and we hadn’t really made any progress. So an obstetrician came up to explain that we had to do an emergency c-section….there was no other way. However, the next problem was that nobody had done anything to prepare for the conflicting diagnosis between my medical info in Canada and a hematologist in London as to whether or not I have Von Willebrand’s Disorder. Frankly he found it ridiculous that the hematologist dismissed it as my bloods seemed normal …but this is another long and ridiculous story.  Anyway that meant they had to take bloods to check coagulation levels and have them rushed. It’s a high risk to give an epidural to anyone with VWD which I new and so never planned on it being an option. However this also meant the C-section would have to be done under General Anesthetic. I was crushed. I looked at my husband and held back the tears  realizing we wouldn’t be able to see his birth, cut the cord, hear his first cry. I just tried to smile through the pain and stress and say hey if this is what we have to do for baby to be happy then fine. Actually I can’t believe I actually looked at the doctors and said...I need to start a contract really soon, I need this for my family, I need to recover quickly are you sure this is the only way? That’s classical me. Always determined to stay my course.


    Finally about 4:30pm we were all just waiting for a theatre to be ready and off we went. They let hubby come with me and stay in the theatre until they were ready to put me under at which case they said he had to leave. The midwives and my best friend (to us, sister) stayed with my husband  until they brought the baby up to  him and told him I was ok. I’m told he had tears in his eyes and wouldn’t hold the baby because he wanted to at least share that first moment with me and was also terrified about his wife with a bleeding disorder having had to go under the knife. I was out of recovery just over an hour after Jad was born at 17:18pm on Thursday August 11 weighing 8lbs 10oz. My sister told me that the midwives said a natural delivery could have been disastrous.  And I started breastfeeding him a few minutes later.  We were finally in a bed on the maternity ward about 9:30pm. I nursed him throughout the night but eventually needed to start topping up with formula.


    I actually found the contractions the day after birth to be the hardest. I was so tired and with the scars from the cesarean I really mentally wasn’t prepared for the continued pain!!! And every time I feel asleep for the first 2 days I kept having nightmares which apparently can happen from General Anesthetic.


    I had a really proud moment when I asked the baby doctor about topping up because I didn’t feel like he was getting enough from me. I little while later on Saturday at about 5pm I was told we were being discharged soon. But 30 minutes later another baby doctor came to say his jaundice levels had gone up and so we couldn’t go home because they wanted to see what  would happen. So after establishing with another doctor that a lack of food could allow the jaundice to get worse, I just kept putting him on my breast and topping up and changing nappies while hubby kept bringing me healthy snacks try to appease my nonexistent appetite while making sure water was constantly in reach…that night at 2am they confirmed his jaundice had gone waaaaaaay down. Yaaaaaay!!!!!!


    Today Tuesday August 16, Jad is 5 days old and doing brilliantly. He’s lost 7% of his body weight but this could be because we needed to up his feeding while I’m still waiting on milk to come in. He’s fine, and I finally had the bandage removed from the c-section and I’m feeling a bit more comfortable.


    In the end I have the most beautiful son I could’ve imagined so I’m trying not to think too much about how hectic things got. I did it. I’m a mum with my husband who is my everything. And having been adopted and having no relations with birth family or adoptive family, I feel like finally I have my own family. I did it. 

  • Kimmikim your story is amazing i had tears in my eyes for you. Sounds like a very scary experience which you handled amazingly and your hubby was just perfect too.

    Congratulations on the safe though dramatic arrival of yoir gorgeous boy. Everything isgoing to get way more exciting from now on :-). They grow far too fast :-(. You were truly amazing i dont think i could have handled it as well as you.

  • Oh my days kimmiki, that is such a beautiful story! 

  • Wow kimmikim, that's an incredible birth - we really hope you're healing up well and hope you and your family are enjoying those early days together. 

  • Finally getting around to posting this! 


    Amalia Isobel Mulgrew, born 18.8.16 by emcs after over 24 hours of early labour. 

    Startes having contractions on the Tuesday, half an hour or so apart to begin with and no regular pattern. Went out for lunch, cleaned my whole house and just tried to go on as normal. Continued that night and on to Wednesay becoming really painful but still no closer than 8 mins apart.

    Had pieces of show coming away all day. My waters broke around 6pm on Wednesday, in the middle of a contraction. I was sitting on my oatmeal colour sofas (my landlords sofas 😂) but was on a duvet so all was good.

    Went up to the midwife unit, advised me to go home and come back so did that. Had gas and air and was I the pool from around 11 until 6am Thursday. Was just trying to stay calm. They thought the baby was head down up until this point, when the midwife examined me she wasn't sure but thought she felt her bum. 

    By this time decided I needed more pain relief, they didn't want to give me diamorphin until I had a scan to check baby's position. This took over an hour and a half and I was In agony. When they scanned me found out my cheeky girl was breech. They recommend the epidural and I was moved to the labour ward. Epidural was bloody fantastic and I could not have coped with out it. We did aim to deliver naturally but hours later I was 9cm dilated. 

    ao they took me in for a csection, and she was born at 15.38. Perfectly healthy.

    i actually could not fault any of the midwives, doctors or anaesthetists who were all so helpful to both me and my fiancé during the labour and my hospital stay after (in for 5 days due to an infection). The labour was hard, and we have both been really emotional But so glad our little girl is here (even if she has just done a poo on mums clean tshirt 😂) 

    congrats everyone on the birth of your little ones xx

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