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Dare I put it out there this early ... but does anyone have any baby names set for either boys/girls ... I've been thinking for years but find it so hard to find ones I like and that go with the surname!! 



  • At the moment I'm really liking Jaxson for a boy... there will probably be mixed opinions on the spelling but I know too many 'Jack's' so wouldn't want to go for the traditional Jackson. 

    And I've always loved Alice for a girl :)

  • At the moment, we like Blake for a boy and Belle for a girl. We already have Jude and Amelia xx

  • sulley, we have a Jackson, he’s very cute! I like any spelling of it! 

    I like Harry for a boy and currently like Lola and Lucia for a girl. 

    We have Maizie and Jackson and my angel baby‘s Name is

  • We have Jackson as a definite for a boy but no clue on girls names!! Guess we really think we are having a boy xx

  • I 💗 all of the names. It’s very exciting!!!

    babynumber3, Logan, Leo, Layton, Luca? 

    There actually aren’t That many boys names I can think of beginning with L!!


  • Aww some great names floating around! I love Autumn babynumber3 - but my OH isnt overly keen. I also like Winter (I think I have a theme!!) Isla is also a possibility. But I am convinced we are having a boy ... so far we have Jacob, Elliott and Edison... but still not overly sure on any of them! SUCH a hard decision!! And even harder when you are one of the last of your friends to have children as a lot of the names I loved are taken! haha

  • Edison is really cute we had that on our list too but maybe too similar to my own name (Alison) I love Winter, another name I saw was August, which is quite cute considering baby will hopefully come then.

    We have a few names, but living in Norway it is tricky, although some 'English' names are used here too they are pronounced differently!

    Girl: Emmy, Alma,Ivy, Raya 

    Boy: Emil, Oscar, Oliver, Albert

  • I already have a Son he’s 14 months and his name is harry! 

    ive always been a nursery nurse so when I think of certain names it just reminds me of kids from nurseries. I named harry harry after my grandad who is my world he’s always there for me and I see him more of a dad as my dad died when I was 8 so he’s my main man in my life!  So when i found out I was pregnant I said straight away if it’s a boy he’s called harry and my partner agreed! He never liked any of my girls names and then we found out he was a boy so it was sorted lol...

    My girls names were.... Aubree... Arielle.... Autumn but partner says no :(

    ive always been funny on girls names so this time cause I’ve got harry I’m wanting to stay with the H....

    so if it’s a girl Ive got 2 names in mind.... Hollie-Anne💓 or Harley-Rose..... got no boys names yet!!! I so hope I’m having a girl but will be happy either way xx 

  • Jessica, I’m a nursery nurse too so I’m also put off by so many names! It’s so hard to find some we like and that I’ve not heard much of! Xx

  • Exactly lol I love Amelia but there’s so Many amelias also I don’t like this name but lots of isla etc so it’s hard find a name that I like and which don’t remind me of any other children xx

  • with you on the names, I’m a teacher and get put off with loads!!!

    Hattie or Hallie for girl h’s!!!


  • Yes I like Hallie... but for girl I’m deffo set on two names but knowing me it’s going to be a boy and I’ve got none for boy 

    Hollie-Anne Rothwell 💓

    Harley-Rose Anne Rothwell💓

  • Baby number 3 sorry for the late reply!! Yeah considering whether Jackson or Jaxon never thought about a s in there as well!! We really think we are having a boy lol gonna be so surprised if it’s a girl!! I’m not bothered either way just feels like such a different pregnancy to my little girl!! were your pregnancies different? 

  • My 3 have a very english first name and more adventurous middles. The "normal" sounding name is for future job applications. A name shouldnt matter but unfortunately it does

  • They are very pretty names Jessica.

    Talking about finding out the sex, with my previous 3 pregnancies I never found out the gender until they were born but we’re thinking of finding out this time. Has anyone got experience of both?


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