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20 Week Scan Date

Now that they're starting to get booked in I thought it would be good to have somewhere for 20 week scan dates.

Mine is Friday 15th March.


  • Friday 8th March image Internationa Women’s Day - could be a gender sign! 

  • Thursday 21st March 😊 

  • Mines 21st March too! But because of the fluid on the back of the neck could mean possible heart defects I have to have a 40 minute in depth heart scan on the baby too, me thinks it could be a very uncomfortable morning, so 80 minutes worth of scanning in one morning! 

  • MummySmith bless you that's going to be a very long day for you. Fingers crossed for you everything is ok. I'm still waiting for my results for my harmony test hopefully will hear by Wednesday. Hate all this waiting x

  • Yes, I’m also awaiting my Harmony Test results, fingers crossed for us both but what will be will be in my eyes xx 

  • If your harmony results come back fine will you still need that thorough 20 wk scan? X

  • Yes I believe so as the Harmony Test only detects chromosomal abnormalities, not heart defects. Well, that’s what I’ve been led to believe xx

  • Ah yes I see. It's all so confusing isn't it. They couldn't even get the measurements of fluid on back of the neck for baby unfortunately. But my mind will be at ease when the harmony results come through. I guess there is no certainty for anyone until that 20 week anomaly scan and that even goes for everyone doesn't it. Forever a worry these babies haha x

  • Mine is 18th march

  • I have a 16 weeks gender scan on 24th of feb and then have my 20 week scan on 22nd of March. Exciting times ladies!! I had a scan to measure fluid on back of baby’s neck and my bloods on Tuesday, hopefully should get results sometime early next week xx

  • 16th April
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