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Due in August 2019 Birth Announcement Thread

Hello everyone!

We know August is still a month away, but we thought we'd better be ready for those early arrivals. Here is your own special thread for the birth announcements of all you lovely people in the Due in August 2019 birth club.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and coo all over your baby pictures. 

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!


  • ThuperRahThuperRah Regular
    edited Jul 17, 2019 10:17AM
    Esther Rebecca was born at 37 weeks on 10/07/19 weighing 5lb 13 oz.
    It was an elective caesarean with sterilization. The day itself was very chilled. I was nil by mouth from midnight and had already been told I was 3rd on the list so we knew it would be around lunchtime. I was already on the ward so a lazy morning of being strapped to the monitor, a shower, reading and listening to the radio. Hubby came in after the school run.
    Just before midday we were taken round to get my canula put in and for hubby to get scrubs on....

    Bit nervous by this point! Then had a quick scan to check position of baby, she was transverse again but the other way round to previous week. After this it was walking across into theatre. Various wires attached, spinal put in then the wait for it to take hold... a few moves of the bed to distribute it evenly!
    We were then good to go. I was a little spaced out but they kept my informed of progress.
    When the time came to get her out they got her legs out but she was apparently holding on still. She was in shock once they did get her out (12:58pm) so a tense minute waiting for her to cry. They did tell me she was breathing though. I was in tears at this point... not sure why. I got a brief glimpse as they whisked her over to do the checks, then hubby went to trim the cord. After the checks they returned her to me and I finally got to meet her and get some skin to skin <3 
    Obviously I still had some time left to go on the table due to the sterilization. In this time she started rooting so they helped get her latched on and she was away. That certainly helped take my mind off the sterilization which was pretty uncomfortable - a couple of painkiller top ups needed!
    Once we were done it was off to recovery.

    She had to go briefly to NICU for a blood test but hubby went with her and they were soon back. Finally made it on to the post-natal ward at 5pm.
    I've probably missed loads out, should really have got hubby to write this :smile: 
  • Congratulations she’s beautiful!! I love the name!! 
  • Congratulations! She’s just gorgeous.xx. 
  • @ThuperRah Amazing! Beautiful mother and baby Esther! Hope your both doing well! Wishing you all the best with this new adventure. Can’t wait for updates on her and everything that comes with motherhood!xx
  • Congratulations to you both. She’s adorable and such a lovely name. 
    Thank you for sharing your story. 
  • Due Date


    Birth Date, Name & Weight

    31st July

    @ThuperRah 💗

    10th July - Esther Rebecca - 5lb 13 oz

    2nd August

    @SaoirseK 💗

    18th July - TBC - 7lb 15oz

    1st August

    @Andreag1990 💗


    2nd August

    AlisP 💗


    3rd August

    @Lmc92 💛


    4th August

    @Yorkie87 💛


    4th August

    @Mummysmith21 💙


    8th August

    @Chlolou 💗


    9th August

    @Craly24 💙


    9th August

    @Sebsmummy 💙


    9th August

    @Redders9251 💗


    10th August

    @Jessica2227 💙


    10th August

    @Carj 💛


    11th August

    @Jades2409 💗


    15th August

    @Duncan497 💗


    16th August

    @Sulley112 💙


    20th August

    @Jwebster82 💙


    21st August

    @ZoieS 💛


    22nd August

     @Emj3 💗


    23rd August

    @Blondielauz 💙


    23rd August



    23rd August

    @Rachel158 💛


    27th August

    @Squish19 💗


    27th August

    @ERM 💛


    28th August

    @Gigi28 💗


    30th August

    @Pinkpuma 💗


    Thought I would update the list with announcements as it will be hard to keep track one the babies start coming every week :) 

  • @AlisP I'm not due until 14th xxx
  • Well ladies we decided on Callaia Loyalty for her name. Its pronounced Cal-ay-ah. I said before it was a horrendous labour and even now thinking back on it makes me feel sick. It was the worst. Best healing/recovery though. No stitches, 1 minor graze but i can pee without getting in a bath. Thats how i gauge my birth injuries lol
    I just read my discharge notes and labour was 1hr 46mins. From fully dilated to delivering her was 16mins. The after pains are INTENSE this time. Feels like start of labour again. She is pretty easy so far. She doesnt tend to go to sleep properly til 3am but then sleeps til 8-8.30am so cant complain. 

  • awww @SaoirseK she’s absolutely gorgeous and her name’s so pretty. Gorgeous picture of her with her big brother. You were so quick too!!! Xxx
  • wow - 1 hour 46 mins!
    She's super cute, what a lovely photo with big brother, he looks so proud! 
  • Riley 5lb 13 born on 20th July at 8.15 PM labour was 30 mins painfully intense but worth every second 
  • Thought I’d do my birth story! I have 2 children already age 14 and 7. We decided a few yers ago that we’d like our 3rd baby and she has finally arrived! My other 2 children were straightforward pregnancies but I was induced with both at 42 weeks as they were clearly too comfortable!

    we found out we were having a baby in September 2017 and were over the moon but at my 20 week scan in feb 2018, we were devastated to find out our little boy’s heart had stopped beating and I had to deliver him. we called him Jacob. The whole family were just gutted beyond words and it was a really trying time. I then miscarried at 11 weeks in the summer, on holiday in Spain. Again, it was difficult but I was still grieving over Jacob too.

     In December 2018, the faint lines on my pregnancy test revealed themselves once more but I refused to think beyond scans and heartbeats etc. the pregnancy was difficult, every day seemed like an eternity but we just kept hoping it would be different this time. I found a lot of help on here- so much support from other ladies who had been through similar tragedies or worse.

    anyway, fast forward 9 months and at exactly 38 weeks, ignoring  the planned section date for the week after, my waters broke at 1.30 am and contractions started. I was given a pessary to speed things up and then later put on the drip. Although the pain was intense, after around 8 hours on the drip, I still wasn’t dilating enough so my gorgeous baby was born by emergency section at 2.55am on Friday 9th August 2019. Matilda arrived weighing 8lb 2oz and she has been worth every single worry. We are just so in love with our little miracle. 💖💖💖xxx
  • @EmJ3 she is just too cute <3 Thank you for sharing your story she is so precious.
  • @EmJ3 what a beautiful story and love all the baby photos! 😍

    My baby's still very comfy ... Had a midwife appointment today and she's still not engaged, so will have to wait a bit longer!
  • Thanks @AlisP and @ERM.
    Awww @ERM that’s so exciting still waiting for your baby. They’ll be here soon.xxxx
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